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    42 Gifts To Buy If Their Standards Are High But Your Budget Is Low

    There are gifts from £4 to £20 in here!

    1. I am absolutely losing it over these Christmas pudding-shaped bath bombs.

    2. They'll feel truly special when you give them this personalised train ticket. It's a great way to commemorate an important trip!

    3. Not to be dramatic, but this llama-shaped hand warmer might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

    4. Yeah, I'm going to need to own this Baby Yoda-shaped desktop lamp ASAP, thanks.

    5. And if you're looking for a great gift for your father, this 'Dad, Yoda best' mug is perfect!

    6. I'm honestly struggling to believe that this ~luxe~ jewellery box costs less than £20.

    7. This coconut husk soy wax candle couldn't be any prettier if it tried.

    8. Turn their smartphone into a mini home cinema system with this cardboard projector.

    9. Sorry, but I might actually be drooling over this chocolate lover's selection box.

    10. Give your BFF this light-up bottle that has a touching message printed on its front!

    11. Home chefs have probably had Wagamama's Feed Your Soul recipe book on their wish list for months now.

    12. I gifted this plantable card to my sister recently and have basically been swimming in brownie points ever since. They can tear it up and place the pieces in soil so that the seeds embedded in the cardboard grow!

    13. Not sure what to get the person who seems to have everything? This monogrammed slate coaster is ideal!

    14. Give them a classic gift with a twist by nabbing these scented bath 'noodles'.

    15. They'll probably say 'aww' every time they look at these teeny-tiny elephant tealights.

    16. Let them truly put their feet up with these fluffy 'if you can read this, make me some tea' socks.

    17. This personalised Toblerone will have their name written all over it (literally).

    18. This lavender-scented bath oil looks way more expensive than it actually is!

    19. This low-commitment One Line A Day journal will last them for five years.

    20. Put their name onto the lid of this tin of Vaseline.

    21. I ordered this adorable dumpling-shaped night light the second I saw it.

    22. Give them a new flavour experience with this bottle of red velvet cupcake-flavoured Baileys.

    23. These memory foam slippers are as comfortable as they are great-looking.

    24. They can put their fave picture into this Friends-themed photo frame mug!

    25. There's something so pretty about these reusable cooling eye pads.

    26. This 'Cranberry Martini' Baylis & Harding gift set contains six full-sizes products.

    27. Give them a gift they'll use all the time with this chic hydrating hand sanitiser spray.

    28. They'll be able to fill these screw-top baubles with booze to keep their spirits high (I'm so sorry).

    29. This monogrammed keyring pouch comes in all the letters of the alphabet!

    30. Gift them a great night's sleep with this soothing kit from Feather & Down. It contains an eye mask, a relaxing pillow spray, shower cream, and some sleep balm!

    31. This tuberose and white flower-scented candle is so pretty that it'll basically double up as decor.

    32. Pamper your pals with this natural spa kit! It's packed full of luxurious items such as an organic Egyptian loofah and a volcanic pumice stone.

    33. This inexpensive Yankee candle smells of Christmas cookies (I know, right?!).

    34. Show a loved one that you're thinking about them with this thoughtful porcelain elephant (and yes, it does come in that adorable matchbox).

    35. The most practical people in your life will appreciate this seven-in-one multipurpose pen. It works as a screwdriver, a spirit level, a stylus, and more!

    36. These three Heathcote & Ivory hand creams honestly have no right to look as good as they do. They smell of sweet peas and honeysuckle!

    37. This Pukka tea selection box contains 45 organic teabags.

    38. Nutella lovers will end up wearing these (cute AF) ankle socks all the time.

    39. Treat their tresses to this mini Coco & Eve 'Like A Virgin' hair masque.

    40. You can put whatever face you like onto this customisable cushion.

    41. These reusable whiskey stones will keep their drinks cool without diluting them. They come in a gorgeous velvet pouch!

    42. Add a quirky ~aesthetic~ to their kitchen with these cat-shaped salt and pepper shakers!

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