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    32 Gifts To Send To Kids Having Their Birthdays During Lockdown

    And yes, we've picked products that the parents will thank you for, too.

    1. This incredible pillowcase is designed to be coloured in and the markers it comes with are completely washable, so kids will have a blank canvas again after every cycle. The pack also includes some colour-in wrapping paper!

    2. They can make their own lie detector for less than a tenner with this incredible kit.

    3. As these personalised bean seeds grow, the recipient's name gets bigger and bigger (aww).

    4. These sprinkle-covered chocolates come in all the letters of the alphabet.

    5. This kit will allow them to grow their own bug-catching plant!

    6. They can transform their tub in no time with these underwater bath lights.

    7. If they love Harry Potter, they'll probably be a fan of this set of four 3-D puzzles. They're based on buildings from Diagon Alley!

    8. These unicorn slippers light up. I mean, come ON.

    9. This three-month baking subscription box will send you all the dry ingredients you need for a baking session every month, and it comes with recipe cards too.

    10. These laser tag guns will turn their home or garden into an arcade!

    11. Footie fans will love this personalised football T-shirt print.

    12. I am absolutely obsessed with this personalised teddy bear that comes (and I cannot stress this enough) in a tin.

    13. This teeny-tiny garden is adorable, and it's a great source of screen-free entertainment too.

    14. They can make their own sketcher with this incredible kit.

    15. You can tell you me you don't low-key want to make one of these fully functional electric buggies yourself, but I won't believe you.

    16. They can create their own bowling alley with this set.

    17. This air hockey set will transform basically any flat surface into an arcade game.

    18. This Shaun the Sheep egg cup is almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    19. These Toy Story-themed socks are incredible!

    20. I mean, just look at this USB-powered hedgehog night light.

    21. You can personalise this Peter Rabbit book with their name!

    22. This Olaf-shaped mug will seriously melt some hearts.

    23. This piggy bank is perfect for Toy Story fans.

    24. Yes, I want my own version of this interactive glow T-shirt, and no, I'm not sorry about it.

    25. This personalised baking set is child-sized!

    26. Parents and kids alike will be very glad to have this scratch-off list of 100 activities.

    27. These letterbox-friendly brownies come in a variety of flavours (Oreo, raspberry and white chocolate, and Jaffa Cake). You can pick and choose your fave combo – plus, a personalised note is included in every pack!

    28. One of these Minecraft-themed lights will brighten up their day.

    29. This cat-shaped night light is purrfect (I'm so sorry).

    30. They can create their own snowman without the snow thanks to this adorable kit.

    31. Sorry, but how impressive is this personalised train with tracks?!

    32. They can grow their own baked beans in a matchbox with this teeny-tiny set.