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    23 Low-Effort Products To Help You Become More Productive Without Even Realising

    Get productive the easy way.

    1. This tear-off pad is designed to help you achieve your goals every day.

    2. These earplugs are perfect for when you need to focus on your work instead of that half-audible conversation people are having in the flat above you.

    3. This resistance band is an easy workout tool that you can keep on hand to help you exercise even while you're doing your work.

    4. These stunning memo pads will motivate you to start taking notes, and because the sheets are so pretty, you'll actually want to look at them to see the messages on there.

    5. Plan your meals in advance by using this magnetic whiteboard, which has different sections for every day of the week.

    6. These shower cloths have handy suction cups attached to their top corners, so they'll be within reach as soon as you stop showering.

    7. You can type up a storm on your lap without having to worry about an overheated laptop getting you out of the groove by using this cushioned tray.

    8. These microfibre cloths are a low-effort way to keep the glass and metal around you looking good.

    9. You can write notes on these large sticky tabs, so you'll be able to remember why you marked out that specific page without having to reread the whole thing to try and remember.

    10. This memory foam cushion will help to support your back when you're sitting down, so you'll be able to sit straight for longer without any strain.

    11. This low-effort, 30-minute cookbook is packed full of easy and delicious recipes that you can make in the time it takes to order and wait for a takeaway.

    12. Keeping this yoga mat on your bedroom floor will encourage you to do a few simple stretches or even a full-on workout!

    13. This document clip allows you to see paper notes at your computer without having to strain your neck by peering down at your desk.

    14. Clean your makeup brushes the easy way with this textured board.

    15. If these purrfect cat-shaped pens don't inspire you to write, IDK what will.

    16. This mould remover spray will help you finally get rid of that annoying patch on your ceiling or walls, and it'll remove it all in about 30 minutes with no scrubbing needed.

    17. These watering globes will basically water your plants for you. Fill them with water and they'll last you for about two weeks!

    18. This rice cooker will prepare your grains in the microwave in a matter of minutes.

    19. This book from Mrs Hinch is filled with easy and smart cleaning hacks and tasks!

    20. This motivational mouse pad really says it all.

    21. These drop-down hangers will organise your rail and make sure you don't spend ages looking for one particular top in your wardrobe.

    22. You honestly can't go wrong with some good coffee when you need to get going – this Lavazza Prontissimo instant coffee has gotten some great reviews!

    23. This memory foam pillow will help to give you a great night's sleep, which is honestly the best way to ensure a productive day when you wake up.