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    24 Genius Products With Reviews So Good, I Feel Stupid For Not Buying Them Sooner

    These products have a higher IQ than I do, to be honest.

    1. Okay, but why hadn't I heard about this water-repelling windshield treatment sooner?!

    2. This sofa saver will make your cushions way less likely to sag over time.

    3. This post-shave balm is designed to prevent the redness and annoying little bumps that some people (like me) have to deal with after hair removal.

    4. Anyone who loves to cook will seriously appreciate these reusable freezer-safe bags.

    5. This extra-strength stain remover will get rid of tough stains (such as red wine, chocolate, and coffee) from your soft furnishings.

    6. Some customers say these tooth-whitening strips left a noticeable difference after just 14 days.

    7. This electronic cleansing brush comes with three different reusable attachments.

    8. Some customers say this scented roller pen is incredibly soothing!

    9. I feel like we don't talk often enough about how expensive washing powder is. This reusable laundry egg is the perfect solution – it'll last you for up to 210 washes!

    10. This cult-status mascara has a low wax content, meaning its inky black formula won't form clumps on your lashes.

    11. This cuticle oil pen from Sally Hansen has seriously impressed reviewers – in fact, some say it's transformed their nails entirely.

    12. This extra-strength argan oil shampoo from OGX contains no moisture-stripping sulphates.

    13. These non-stick liners ensure that your freezer drawers don't stick to the shelves underneath.

    14. This salicylic acid-infused soap is seriously clever! It'll decongest your skin and remove excess oils from your face.

    15. BRB, about to order this handy shower squeegee immediately.

    16. I have zero regrets after buying this ridiculously highly-rated degreaser spray (other than wishing I'd purchased it sooner).

    17. If you're living in the UK, chances are you're in a hard water area (and that means you'll have to deal with lots of limescale). This genius spray gets rid of buildup in just five minutes!

    18. Plug holes can fill up with grease and scum pretty quickly, but don't worry – these dissolving drain sticks have got your back!

    19. The Ordinary's AHA serum will exfoliate your skin in just ten minutes.

    20. Anyone who wears glasses will appreciate this anti-fog spray, which is especially useful when you're wearing a face covering.

    21. Get rid of the bobbles from your clothes in no time with these fabric combs.

    22. Check one task off of your to-do list by nabbing these watering globes. They'll keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks!

    23. This enamel touch-up pen will fix that annoying patch in your bath or sink in seconds!

    24. I'm absolutely obsessed with this rubber broom, which will tackle SO MANY cleaning tasks.

    Actual footage of these products looking at my checkout basket: