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    23 Genius Products That Made Me Realise I'd Been Living Wrong This Whole Time

    Here's to car window covers that *actually* reach the edges!

    1. If its ratings are anything to go by, it looks like this TikTok-famous detangling hairbrush has gone viral for a reason.

    2. This extra-wide car mirror is curved to help reduce the size of your blind spots.

    3. This nonstick copper crisping basket allows air to circulate around your food while it's in the oven, adding crunch without the oil.

    4. Ensure that your duvet stays attached to every corner of its cover, rather than slipping into an uncomfortable ball, by nabbing these clips.

    5. Want the aroma of a candle without having to keep one lit all the time? These fragrance spheres from Yankee Candle are here to help!

    6. These deep-cleaning Nespresso pods are absolute game changers.

    7. Unlike other brands, these sunshades will reach all the way down to the edges of your car window.

    8. This manual chopper will make your food prep much faster.

    9. Prevent food waste and reduce your use of tinfoil and clingfilm by nabbing these genius silicone can lids.

    10. These ethylene-absorbing spheres will prolong the life of your fruit and veg, so you won't have to waste money by throwing produce out a couple of days after you buy it. They work just as well in your fridge as they do in your fruit bowl!

    11. Some customers say that this sulphur and salicylic acid-infused soap has helped to clear their skin.

    12. Block the blue light from your screens with these clever glasses.

    13. This shower shield solution will keep your unit gleaming between scrubs (and it works on your taps too!).

    14. Sometimes it feels like adulthood is just readjusting your sagging sofa cushions, sitting on them, and then having to lift them up again in an endless loop of mild inconvenience. Don't worry, though – this highly-rated sofa saver is here to break the cycle!

    15. These retractable washing lines snap back into their casing when they're not in use, meaning you'll be able to dry your clothes no matter how small your outdoor space is.

    16. Protect the base of your oven from spills, leaks, and crumbs by nabbing this protective liner.

    17. Conceal *and* heal your spots at the same time with these hydrocolloid patches.

    18. This inexpensive shower brush will massage your scalp and lather your shampoo at the same time.

    19. This drain unblocker is strong enough to dissolve hair (yes, please).

    20. This toilet rim block will release a gentle citrus scent and some powerful cleaning agents every time you flush.

    21. This clever mat can be used to protect your sink or draining board, so you won't have to spend as much time wiping them down after washing up.

    22. Avoid deep-cleaning your kettle every month or so by nabbing this drop-in descaler ball instead. Just use your kettle as normal once you pop it in and it'll work its magic!

    23. *That* 'Sky High' mascara from Maybelline lets you get gorgeous lashes without the clumps that others can cause.