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    27 Game-Changing Products That Might Just Make Your Daily Routine Easier

    Turns out I've been doing laundry wrong this whole time!

    1. Get rid of your makeup without micellar water by using these reusable makeup remover cloths instead (and yes, they work on waterproof mascara too).

    2. Sure, you could stress out about when you'll have to clean your drains next. But why not try these enzyme-packed drain sticks which dissolve the grease and buildup in your drains instead?

    3. This drawstring makeup bag allows you to see every item you've got in it at once, so you won't have to rummage around for that one specific concealer.

    4. Fix up your day-three hair in no time with these gorgeous geometric clips.

    5. Love to cook? Same, but it can take a while to get your meals on the table (especially on weeknights). This potato pocket will help you make the perfect microwave baked spud!

    6. Speaking of cooking, this garlic rocker is way less fiddly and hard to clean than a regular garlic press.

    7. Make washing your hair easier and faster with this shampoo brush, which massages your head and makes sure the suds reach right down to your scalp.

    8. Yes, commuting is a fact of life, and no, nobody is particularly happy about it. These noise-cancelling earphones could make it slightly more bearable though!

    9. If you love to keep things squeaky clean but don't know how to tackle grout, this handy pen will clean it for you in the most convenient way possible.

    10. This eco-friendly laundry egg will last you for up to 210 washes(!), no detergent required.

    11. These sheet suspenders might help you sleep a little better, because they'll make sure your sheets don't crumple underneath you no matter how much you move around.

    12. These glycolic acid pads from NIP+FAB will chemically exfoliate your skin without the need for separate cotton rounds (yes, please).

    13. Save yourself from that annoying search for a matching pair of socks in the morning with these honeycomb organisers, which allow you to see everything that's in your drawer at a glance.

    14. Keep your eyebrows in shape between threading or waxing sessions with these handy lil' razors, which work for your peach fuzz too!

    15. This sponge holder will give you somewhere to dry your makeup sponge quickly and hygienically.

    16. Just spray this anti-wrinkle formula on your clothes before you head out to work or school and it'll smooth your fave shirt out for you, no iron needed.

    17. Get what's probably the hardest part of your makeup routine out of the way in moments with these eyeliner stamps.

    18. These satin pillowcases will help you sleep more soundly at night and wake up with less frizz in the morning (a double win if you ask me).

    19. Love tea but hate teabag stains on your countertops and bin? Try this teabag squeezer, which 1) gets the most flavour out of your bag and 2) helps to ensure it's drier than it would be otherwise by draining it really effectively.

    20. Get the most out of your toothpaste with one of these squeezers!

    21. This sonic toothbrush will really ~get into~ cleaning your teeth, and the pack of four heads that comes with it all provide different (useful) functions.

    22. This copper tongue scraper will clean out your tongue, giving you fresher breath in no time (plus, I mean it does sound slightly satisfying).

    23. Fall asleep listening to your favourite podcast with this Bluetooth headphone band.

    24. Wake up to softer, smoother lips with this Laneige lip mask.

    25. Watering globes are a great way to keep your plants alive without any effort on your behalf. Just add some water to the compartment, pop it in the soil, and that's it – you're done for up to two weeks!

    26. This ionic shower head will soften your water, so your shampoo will go further and your tiles and glass will be less likely to get mineral buildup.

    27. Protect your mattress with this terrycloth sheet, which will ensure your mattress stays clean without giving you that sweaty, plastic-y feel.