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    Prince Harry's 'Spare' Is £0 With An Audible Trial, So I For One Will Be Tuning In To Frostbite FM

    If you haven't got your hands on a copy yet, now's the time.

    If you've read any – and I mean any – headlines in the last month or so, you'll have heard about Prince Harry's tell-all biography Spare. It rocketed to the top of just about every bestseller list as soon as it was announced, and for good reason: who else could share the perspective of a deeply unique, often harrowing royal upbringing (and its consequences)?

    The biography shows, with "raw, unflinching honesty", how grief, media surveillance, marriage, and the royal insitution itself affected the Prince – and in among the revealing stories, there are of course multiple lighthearted moments that the Internet has clung to.

    No wonder customers rate it so highly, right?

    Sure, it's been a while since the book was released, but if (like me) the prospect of paying for the biography has put you off til now, rejoice! You can finally catch up on the most talked-about book around by nabbing an Audible free trial and listening to the audiobook (read, of course, by the Prince himself).

    If you sign up as a non-Prime member, you'll get one audiobook that's yours to keep no matter whether or not you keep your subscription – Prime members can bag two (yet another reason to join).

    Plus, you'll land yourself a free book a month and free access to Audible's 'Plus' section if you stick with the £7.99/mo subscription – not bad, eh?

    So what are you waiting for? Surely spending precisely £0 to access one of 2023's biggest conversation topics isn't too much to ask, right?