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    Firebox Is Having A Last-Chance Sale And FYI, Some Of The Deals Are Incredible

    Including a gadget mystery box that's worth £60 and now costs £28.

    Firebox is a fun and quirky site that's packed full of original products, so when I saw they were having a sale, I had to take a look! Here are some of our fave picks.

    1. This mystery gadget box is worth at least £60, which makes its 20% discount even more impressive.

    2. Stay chill with these CBD-infused gummies which are a third off right now. With 2ml of CBD oil in each sweet, just one gummy will be enough to help you relax!

    3. This virtual pet-themed candle hatches a lil' toy when it melts, and as if that wasn't enough it's half price too!

    4. The only thing better than this gorgeous mug is the fact that it's half price right now.

    5. This Yoshi-themed light is down an impressive 40%.

    6. If you love reading at night but hate keeping your lights on to do so, this adorable anglerfish-shaped clip-on lamp is the perfect solution. It's 20% off at the moment!

    7. Use this Grime Slime to get into the nooks and crannies of your keyboard, your blinds, and more. It's currently a third off its usual price!

    8. This screen-cleaning kit is down a whopping 50%.

    9. This foodie mystery box that's worth over £45 is down an impressive 20%.

    10. These fried chicken-shaped erasers are clucking amazing, and they're a fifth off at the moment too.

    11. This adorable sandwich-shaped plush is 25% off, and it's almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    12. Potterheads will probably love this power bank (and they'll love its 30% discount, too).

    13. These Star Wars mugs are 50% fun, 50% functional, and right now, they're 30% off too.

    14. This kit contains everything you need to make five unicorn-shaped balloons – save a magical 40% on the whole set!

    15. Save a spellbinding 60% on these Harry Potter house pride mugs.

    16. Gamers, rejoice – this Minecraft Creeper light is a fifth off.

    17. Give yourself the gift of a surprise for less with this home mystery box which is 20% off. Plus – you guessed it – it's worth way more than what you pay for! The contents would cost over £45 normally.

    18. This Toy Story alien mug is just *chef's kiss*. It's down 25%!

    19. Save 25% on this (un)welcome mat which really says it all.

    20. Protect your charger in style AND save 40% with one of these adorable animal-shaped covers.

    21. This essential fan guide to RPDR looks incredible (and its 25% discount doesn't look too bad either).