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    Firebox Are Doing An Isolation Mystery Box That's Worth Over £60 And BRB, I'm Ordering Five

    Yeah, I'm going to need one immediately, thanks.

    If you haven't heard of Firebox yet, they're a fun and quirky band that specialises in all things imaginative! Their products include everything from this adorable dumpling lamp...

    ...to these fun underwater lights, which can transform your tub in no time.

    They're also known for their mystery boxes, which are parcels packed with fun (and unexpected) surprises based on a theme. The contents are always worth way more than you actually pay, too – this £30 foodie mystery box that's worth at least £45 is a great example!

    So when I saw they were doing a mystery isolation box I was PRETTY excited.

    First of all, the mystery box itself is gorgeous.

    Then, there's the fun mystery element – you really don't know what's in this box until you get it!

    You can order it for yourself as a fun way to break up your schedule, or as a thoughtful AF gift to a friend (aww). The site's gotten a 4.6-star rating from over 3,280 reviews, so it's unlikely either of you will be disappointed!

    Plus, did I mention this box is worth £60??? I did? Well, sorry, but as Bianca Del Rio would say, it bears repeating.

    So keep the boredom at bay and bring some ~mystery~ into your week by nabbing one here for £39.99!

    Actual footage of you when your parcel arrives: