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    31 Fandom Products From TruffleShuffle You'll Probably Use All The Time

    Nerdy AND practical? Yes, please.

    1. Listen to your fave music and podcasts with these purrfect Pusheen headphones.

    2. These Jurassic Park pyjamas are frankly dinomite.

    3. Transform your day-three hair with these princess-worthy Cinderella slides.

    4. This Despicable Me-themed face covering is cute AF in my ominion (I'm so sorry).

    5. Upgrade your WFH setup with this Wall-E pen holder!

    6. Store your biscuits in this large Friends-themed jar.

    7. It'll go brilliantly with this "you're my lobster" oven glove!

    8. Who better to help your strain your tea than Beauty and the Beast's Mrs. Potts?

    9. And if you want the full-sized version, this Mrs. Potts teapot is almost unspeakably cute.

    10. Stay cosy with these fleecy Wonder Woman socks!

    11. Peaky Blinders fans will feel like they're in The Garrison Tavern while sipping from this pint glass.

    12. This reusable Studio Ghibli bag is toteally gorgeous.

    13. You'll be able to keep the light out of your eyes as you're falling asleep by nabbing this Ursula mask.

    14. This bottle opener is shaped like the axe from The Shining!

    15. Hydrate your lips with this colour-changing balm that looks like the lamp from Aladdin.

    16. If Mulan is your favourite Disney princess, this stunning hairbrush might just become the best part of your morning routine.

    17. Clean your shoes in the cutest way possible with this Welcome to Fraggle Rock doormat.

    18. Love The Mandalorian? The chances are that you'll ADORE this Baby Yoda mug.

    19. And you can relieve some stress with this matching squeeze toy!

    20. Okay, but can we talk about this Toy Story egg cup?!

    21. The person who designed the lightsaber-shaped pole of this Star Wars umbrella honestly deserves a raise. You can toggle between four different colours at the touch of a button!

    22. Write down your thoughts in this video cassette-shaped Stranger Things notebook.

    23. This marvellous sheet mask is ideal for Spider-Man lovers! It'll hydrate and smooth your skin.

    24. Don't even get me started on these The Nightmare Before Christmas salt and pepper shakers.

    25. These metal Lord of the Rings coasters will protect your surfaces from those annoying ring marks.

    26. Stay hydrated with this stainless steel Maleficent water bottle!

    27. Transport your stuff in style with this mini backpack based on Coco. It's made from premium vegan leather and has adjustable padded shoulder straps for added comfort!

    28. These The Little Mermaid snack boxes will provide an airtight environment for your food. They have a shimmery holographic finish!

    29. Organise your time with this Disney villain weekly calendar!

    30. This digital alarm clock looks (and I cannot stress this enough) like a PlayStation controller.

    31. Chuck your loose change into this Winnie the Pooh piggy bank for some sweet savings.

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