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    19 Highly Effective Cleaning Products That Actually Do What They Say They Will

    These guys won't let you down!

    1. These low-key genius drain sticks will make your plug holes smell better and become less congested –all you'll need to do is pop them in your drains and walk away.

    2. Hose down your sink with this pull-down attachment that turns your tap back into a regular faucet when you push it back up again.

    3. If your WFH mug is looking a little bit worse for wear at the moment, this powerful powder will get rid of any buildup in no time.

    4. Speaking of tea and coffee, this drop-in descaler bag is well worth a buy if you've started noticing scum and limescale floating to the top of your hot drinks.

    5. This cleaning paste is a mixture of mildly abrasive grit and a highly effective cleaning fluid, so it'll polish and deep-clean your surfaces at the same time.

    6. Sort out your grouting or finally clean that spot on your floors with this scrubbing brush, which is made with a surface-friendly combo of wood and bristles.

    7. If you've got some seriously sticky buildup in your kitchen, this super-strong degreaser will help to get rid of it for you with just a couple of sprays.

    8. Not only is this llama-shaped duster incredible-looking, it's actually very effective at removing the cobwebs from the corners of your rooms too.

    9. Keep your shower clean (and ensure nobody else has an excuse to leave it dirty) with these handy AF cloths that have suction cups for convenient storage!

    10. There are regular mops, and then there's this genius mop set that has a spinning mechanism in its drain. It's the perfect way to dry your floors faster!

    11. If you've got some glass, marble, chrome (or any other flat and shiny surface) you want to keep clean, these microfibre cloths will help them shine without leaving any streaks behind.

    12. If your keyboard is looking dusty AF right now, this Grime Slime will help to sort that out.

    13. Get into all those nooks and crannies you've been meaning to tackle for ages (like the gap behind your taps) with these tiny but very strong brushes.

    14. If your fridge and microwave could do with a bit of a clean right now, we're in the same boat. These low-effort, high-impact wipes are the perfect way to solve both of our problems!

    15. Freshen up your carpets the easy way with this powerful (and super easy-to-use) powder carpet cleaner. It works on your upholstery, too!

    16. Your phone screen can get really dirty really quickly, so I for one am pretty glad this handy screen cleaner kit exists.

    17. These citrus-scented gel stamps will release dirt-busting components every time you flush, and they'll leave your loo smelling fresher too.

    18. If quarantine has brought out your inner home chef, you probably have some pots that desperately need a good scrub right now. This bamboo dishwashing brush is the perfect tool for the job!

    19. Keep your at-home desk crumb-free with this surprisingly powerful (and definitely adorable) mini vacuum cleaner.