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    27 Easy Products To Try If You Love Makeup But Struggle To Put It On

    I can't be alone here, people.

    1. This eyeliner stamp is waterproof and smudge-proof!

    2. A long-lasting smudge-proof eyebrow feather pen, which makes your brows look microbladed.

    3. This tinted lip balm, which has great colour payoff while staying super forgiving.

    4. An eyebrow measuring tool if you really struggle to keep those bad boys symmetrical.

    5. You can tidy up the edges of your eyeshadow with these patches, which shield your foundation from fallout.

    6. Try out some tinted brow gel if all that other eyebrow stuff seems like a bit too much.

    7. These jumbo eye crayons will give you great colour payoff in seconds.

    8. Can't apply glued-on fake eyelashes? Try these ones instead, which stick to magnetised eyeliner!

    9. If you're always worried about how blended your lewks are, this Kabuki foundation brush is well worth considering.

    10. This translucent setting powder will make your foundation sit better and last longer, no matter what your skin tone or type.

    11. If you haven't already, take a look at these really popular makeup sponges – people love 'em for a reason.

    12. Eyeshadow primer is the best way to get your eyeshadow to pop.

    13. Rather than laying your foundation on really thick, it could be time to try dabs of some really good concealer instead (you just can't beat Maybelline Eraser.)

    14. A makeup eraser pen, which you can use to clean up those (basically inevitable) lil' mistakes.

    15. This NYX setting spray is the best one I've ever used.

    16. Some highly-pigmented highlighter that will give you huge payoff in seconds.

    17. A lip brush, because applying your fave lipstick directly from the tube is probably not helping you.

    18. These easy-to-use contour sticks are just the right width to give you precise but effective contouring.

    19. This Revlon concealer brush will help you carve out your eyebrows more easily.

    20. These cotton swabs are double-ended, with one blunt side for bigger mistakes and one pointed side for more precise cleanup.

    21. This baked bronzer won't get patchy.

    22. Some Bourjois creamy blush that won't make you look like an embarrassed lobster.

    23. This Seche Vite topcoat is perfect for people whose nail polish usually doesn't last a night (it's me, I'm people.)

    24. Struggle to match your foundation to your skin, or realising that your autumn skin tone is a little lighter than in summer? Try these foundation lightening drops...

    25. ...Or these drops, which will darken your foundation.

    26. You can buff your eyeshadow out with ease by using this incredibly handy Real Techniques brush kit.

    27. Individual lashes, because not every day calls for a full strip lash.