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    21 Low-Effort Home Improvement Products You Won't Need Any Tools To Install

    For everything from storage to decor.

    1. These transfer stickers will transform your tiles in the most hassle-free way possible.

    2. You can hang whatever you like off of these self-adhesive stainless steel hooks!

    3. This no-screw shelf works for your shower and your kitchen.

    4. This gateway is perfect for everything from kids to pets, and this one works with tension rather than via complicated installation.

    5. This toilet roll holder has a strong adhesive backing, and it's cute to boot!

    6. These blackout roller blinds clip over your windows for some incredibly easy installation!

    7. Create mini noticeboards almost anywhere in your home with these lil' adhesive cork hexagons that have great reviews.

    8. The powerful suction cups on the back of this towel rail make it incredibly easy to apply and reposition.

    9. Command hooks are a great screw-free way to hang up those framed pictures that have been lying around in your home for ages.

    10. Hang your kitchen utensils from this rail, which has extra-strong suction cups on either side of the bar.

    11. And this kitchen roll holder will give you a place for your spice jars, too.

    12. Save some space with this set of hooks that hang over your door.

    13. If you've been meaning to add a full-length mirror to your room for ages but are too daunted by the task of mounting it to actually get one, this over-the-door option might be right for you.

    14. Transform your surfaces hassle-free by using this matte black wood-look contact paper!

    15. These glow-in-the-dark wall stickers will turn any room into a stellar night sky experience.

    16. Add some more lighting to your room even if there isn't a socket near your bed with this gorgeous battery-powered lamp.

    17. Want to disguise an ugly wall but don't want to wallpaper or paint over it? Try this wall hanging as a low-effort cover-up!

    18. These extra-strong risers will add height to your bed, so you can save on a new bed frame without having to get any power tools involved!

    19. This knife holder is essentially a giant magnet, so it you've got a fridge with a steel casing, it'll just click right on.

    20. If you want to hang up some photos without having to use any frame at all, these fairy lights with photo pegs on them look incredible and require minimal effort.

    21. Organise your sock drawer without any tool-based modifications with these honeycomb drawer organisers.