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    44 Products Under £10 To Help Make These ~Unprecedented Times~ A Bit More Bearable

    Some of these are cute, some are useful, and all of them are absolute bargains.

    1. If you wear glasses, you'll probably appreciate these anti-fog sprays. They're especially useful when you're wearing a face covering!

    2. These heart-shaped bath bombs are handmade and have a soothing lavender scent.

    3. Not only are these hand sanitiser bottle keyrings useful AF, they'll look adorable on your handbag too!

    4. If your face mask doesn't fit as precisely as you'd like it to, these silicone adjustors are an ideal solution.

    5. Show your loved ones you care about them (even if you can't meet in person) with this personalised metal 'ticket'.

    6. These activated carbon mask filters come in a bumper pack of 20!

    7. If you're spending a lot of time sitting up in bed these days (which, same), this V-shaped pillow might make you feel more comfortable.

    8. This deeply moisturising argan oil mask from OGX will allow you to enjoy a luxe treatment in your own home.

    9. Stay comfortable while you're WFH thanks to this mesh back support. It's got an adjustable strap at the back for easy and flexible installation!

    10. Set some boundaries by sticking this slide-across sign onto your door.

    11. If you haven't had a manicure in a while, this Sally Hansen cuticle remover will get rid of the dead skin at the base of your nails in as little as fifteen seconds.

    12. And if you want to paint your talons afterwards, this Seche Vite topcoat will keep the varnish in place for ages. I've used it myself and have been wowed by its silky, chip-resistant finish!

    13. If you've had to deal with more spots on your chin than usual since you've started wearing a mask, don't worry – these hydrocolloid patches will heal and conceal them.

    14. Okay, so this eyelash serum isn't quite the same as a professional lash lift, but customers HAVE been wowed by its thickening and lengthening effect.

    15. If you've been meaning to transform your home for months now and still haven't gotten around to it, consider starting with the small stuff. This enamel repair pen will patch up those annoying gaps and scuffs on your sink, bathtub, radiator, and more!

    16. Enjoy the nostalgia and the flavour that's packed into these retro sweets. They come in a letterbox-friendly parcel!

    17. I've been getting a lot more headaches recently, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. This highly-rated 4head stick claims to work its magic in just two minutes!

    18. Whether you're cooking more often these days or just want to watch Netflix comfortably, this phone and tablet holder is perfect.

    19. If you love home workouts but hate how much space exercise equipment can take up, these highly-rated bands are perfect. Each one has a different resistance level!

    20. Make yourself feel put-together in the most low-effort way possible by using these gorgeous hair slides.

    21. If you're reading a lot right now, this magnetic bookmark is about to become your new favourite thing.

    22. It's really hard to focus on small chores at the moment, so it's a good thing these watering globes exist. They'll keep your plants hydrated for you for up to two weeks!

    23. This foldable lap desk is a steal at less than £8!

    24. Make your room look even more calming with these Himalayan salt fairy lights.

    25. Want to look after your skin but hate the idea of committing to a ten-step routine? This pore-refining niacinamide from The Ordinary is easy to apply and super effective.

    26. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings with with this gorgeous A5 notebook. Its reversible sequins allow you to draw fun patterns on the cover!

    27. Spending more time at home than usual means you're probably creating more rubbish This stick-on bin deodoriser will help to improve the smell!

    28. Home bakers will seriously appreciate this pair of smooth Biscoff spreads.

    29. Reviewers love how relaxing this ridiculously highly-rated lavender oil is.

    30. Make your room a haven with these cactus-shaped candles that double up as decor.

    31. Washing your hands a lot can cause them to dry out. This hand cream from Palmer's is intensely moisturising! Plus, it smells of coconuts.

    32. This mini avocado cushion is pretty much guaranteed to lift your mood every time you see it.

    33. I love this mindfulness puzzle book – it's just as entertaining as the regular kinds but looks way better.

    34. It might have been a while since you last saw a fidget cube, but they're actually a really good way to keep your hands busy when you're a little stressed. This (kind of gorgeous) one has 12 different functions!

    35. My hair is up in a messy bun 99% of the time these days, which is convenient but also strains my hair and scalp. These coiled Invisibobble hair ties distribute pressure really evenly, so you won't get kinks in your hair or suffer ponytail-induced headaches!

    36. This bamboo bath tray will make a relaxing evening even better.

    37. This pumpkin spice-flavoured coffee syrup is just *chef's kiss*. It's ideal for anyone who misses their fave coffee spot!

    38. Relieve some tension with this massager ball. It's small enough to carry around in your handbag!

    39. You'll be glad you bought this well-reviewed microwave rice cooker on those nights when making dinner feels like an insurmountable task.

    40. And these reusable toastie bags are great for more or less the same reason. You'll get up to 600 uses out of one pack!

    41. You can pop one of these self-adhesive Command hooks near your door and use it as a mask holder, so you never forget to grab one on your way out.

    42. These alcohol wipes are a great way to clean your phone and other possessions after you've been out and about.

    43. I mean, why wouldn't you indulge in some delicious Oreo Pop Tarts right now?

    44. If the reviews of this soothing roll-on pen are anything to go by, it looks like it really does help to calm some people down when they're stressed.