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    47 Highly-Rated Products To Try If Your Standards Are High But Your Budget Is Low

    All of these are under £10!

    1. I'm struggling to believe that this lightweight Simple moisturiser costs less than £2, but here we are.

    2. Banish the stains from your soft furnishings with Dr Beckmann's stain remover!

    3. Rimmel's 'Wake Me Up' concealer is an absolute steal considering how highly-rated it is!

    4. I bought these velvet scrunchies about a month ago and basically haven't stopped wearing them since they arrived.

    5. Home bakers will probably end up using this inexpensive plastic scraper all the time.

    6. And they'll seriously appreciate these reusable silicone cupcake cases too!

    7. Sorry, but how delicious do these marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombes look?!

    8. You'll only need to use these teeth-whitening strips once a week to enjoy their brightening results.

    9. Hydrate your skin for less by nabbing Garnier's 'Moisture Bomb' sheet mask.

    10. These blue light-blocking glasses will help to reduce eyestrain after a long day of looking at screens.

    11. This mermaid-themed nail polish from Rimmel boosts my mood every time I wear it.

    12. Bag yourself a bargain with this Airpods case!

    13. And this pack of ten disposable face coverings is a pretty great deal too.

    14. Make your day-three hair look put-together in no time with these adorable hair ties.

    15. You'll feel fancy AF while using this letter opener.

    16. These handy bra extenders are honestly kind of genius.

    17. I am officially losing it over this cat-shaped ring!

    18. Get glowing with this highlighter palette.

    19. There's something so stunning about this holographic eyeshadow from Rimmel.

    20. Place your false eyelashes *perfectly* by using this applicator.

    21. If you straighten or curl your hair a lot, you'll be glad you bought this heat-proof mat to rest your tongs on.

    22. Stay hydrated with this argan oil-infused hand and nail cream.

    23. This set of 25 collagen-enriched masks will make you feel seriously ~luxe~.

    24. If you love cooking but hate your blunt kitchen tools, this trio of chef's knives is really highly-rated.

    25. Remove unwanted brow hairs and peach fuzz with these lil' razors.

    26. These self-adhesive mini blind spot mirrors are here to make driving that little bit easier.

    27. Just LOOK at these beeautiful salt and pepper shakers.

    28. These lights come in all the letters of the alphabet.

    29. De-stress in the cutest way possible with this popcorn-shaped squeeze toy.

    30. This Reese's chocolate hamper is letterbox-friendly.

    31. Make sure your bins always get put back in the right place with the help of these personalised stickers.

    32. Decongest and hydrate your skin with this mouse-shaped sheet mask!

    33. This (satisfying AF) fabric comb will remove the bobbles from your fave clothes in a few easy swipes.

    34. Okay, there's no nice way to bring this up, but you know that gross limescale buildup at the base of your loo that regular brushes can't reach? Yeah, that's where this highly-rated pumice stone comes in.

    35. Yes, it might be a little bit gross, but this stainless steel foot file has actually gotten some seriously rave reviews.

    36. This eight-shade 'Miracle Contouring' palette from Max Factor is bound to make beauty buffs happy.

    37. Love the look of false lashes but struggle to apply them? Same. This highly-rated magnetic eyeliner and lash set is here to help!

    38. These luxe-looking makeup brushes look way more expensive than they actually are.

    39. You can get your initial hand-stamped onto this monogrammed necklace!

    40. These fairy lights are almost too pretty to handle. Almost.

    41. I don't know how I got through multiple lockdowns without these parcel openers.

    42. Some reviewers swear by this soothing lavender essential oil to help them unwind before they go to sleep.

    43. You know when you leave a teaspoon in your cuppa for a few seconds too long and then almost scald your fingers when you take it out? Yeah, that won't happen with this mermaid-shaped spoon because it's designed to sit on the rim of your mug rather than becoming submerged in hot liquid.

    44. Keep your device powered up while you're out and about with this USB-compatible car charger.

    45. Shake up your laundry routine *and* save some cash by nabbing these inexpensive tumble dryer balls. They'll speed up your drying time by spinning around your drum, lifting your clothes as they go!

    46. Don't mind me, just drooling over this kilo of pick 'n' mix sweets.

    47. This gorgeous rug is made from 100% recycled materials!

    These products costing next to nothing AND being great at their jobs: