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    Prezzybox Have Launched "Make Your Own" Kits And They're The Perfect Way To Bust Your Boredom During Self-Isolation

    Who knew you could make your own lie detector for less than £10?!

    Prezzybox is filled with fun products that make perfect gifts for yourself or for a friend. Take this heartwarming box of chocolates, for instance!

    Or if you've got green fingers, this grow-your-own Bonsai kit is ideal.

    They've also got a (seriously handy) letterbox-friendly section that's filled with gifts that can fit through your front door. This personalised A5 colouring book is just one example!

    Basically, their site is packed full of entertaining and adorable products, so when I found out they were making fun DIY kits I might have been a little interested.

    Let's start off with their Make Your Own Radio kit. It contains everything you need to create your own fully functional radio, all for less than £20!

    This cardboard karaoke set actually works when you've completed it, and it's compatible with your phone too!

    Then there's this Make Your Own Buzzer Game kit, which lets you create a fun (if sometimes tense) game for less than £15.

    You can (and I cannot stress this enough) make your own lie detector for less than a tenner with this incredible kit.

    Form your own (low-key genius) sketcher with this DIY kit!

    Create your own synth (yes, really) with this impressive set.

    And last but not least, you can brighten up your day with this Make Your Own Torch kit.

    Actual footage of me looking at these kits: