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    24 Cheap Products That Are Kind To The Earth AND Your Wallet

    Everything on here is under £15!

    1. Prevent food waste and reduce your use of tinfoil and clingfilm by nabbing these genius silicone can lids.

    2. These inexpensive bin liners are made from biodegradable plastic, so they'll decompose alongside your banana skins.

    3. Transform your tresses without any plastic bottles by nabbing these lavender and honey-scented shampoo bars. They contain moisturising cocoa butter!

    4. Not only are these mesh produce bags a great low-waste replacement for the plastic ones you get in supermarkets, but their material will also allow your fruit and veg to breathe.

    5. These recyclable, Oral-B compatible toothbrush heads contain teeth-whitening charcoal in their bristles.

    6. Sure, you could wipe your oven and hob down with paper towels every time you leave a mess on them, but why would you when these specially-designed hob cleaner cloths exist?

    7. And while we're on the topic, these reusable bamboo kitchen towels are incredibly strong. They can be washed in the sink or washing machine after use!

    8. Love your flat mop but hate buying endless disposable pads? These washable microfibre covers are completely reusable.

    9. If you're an avid home cook, the chances are that you've spent way more money on single-use baking paper than you'd like to admit. These reusable silicone alternatives are kind to your wallet AND to the planet!

    10. Remove your makeup and apply your skincare products without the waste or expense of disposable rounds thanks to these eco-friendly alternatives.

    11. This descaler ball will keep your appliances limescale-free for up to five years, so it might just help to keep them running smoothly for longer. Your detergent will go further when you use this too!

    12. You'll only need to buy these reusable freezer-safe bags once.

    13. This (satisfying AF) fabric comb will remove the bobbles from your fave clothes in a few easy swipes, so you won't have to chuck out your fave sweater just because it's started pilling.

    14. These ethylene-absorbing spheres will make your fruit and veg stay fresher for longer, so you won't have to waste money by throwing produce out a couple of days after you buy it. They work just as well in your fridge as they do in your fruit bowl!

    15. This double-sided scourer will clean your pots and pans using only water.

    16. This frosted glass dispenser is designed to help you get the most out of your hand soap.

    17. If you're tired of paying the big bucks for laundry detergent (and let's face it, who isn't?), this reusable laundry egg is ideal.

    18. These reusable silicone cupcake cases are honestly an upgrade from the regular paper kinds.

    19. Lighter always running out of gas? Don't worry – this flameless USB-powered one has got you covered.

    20. This makeup remover cloth requires only water to work its cosmetics-busting magic (imagine the satisfaction of swiping your eyeshadow away Mulan-style).

    21. If you're a fan of perfectly-cooked eggs but dislike disposable poaching bags, these silicone holders are here to help.

    22. Okay, hear me out here – this ear wax removal syringe has actually gotten some rave reviews, and it's a great lower-waste alternative to cotton buds too.

    23. You can put your own coffee grounds into these reusable pods.

    24. If you've been meaning to buy a menstrual cup for a while but haven't gotten around to it yet, consider this bargain pack of four a sign.

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