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    24 Cheap Products That Are Kind To The Earth AND Your Wallet

    Everything on here is under £15!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Prevent food waste and reduce your use of tinfoil and clingfilm by nabbing these genius silicone can lids.

    Amazon / Via

    These freezer and dishwasher-safe lids will create an airtight seal for everything from your baked beans to your dog food! Because there's three in a pack, you can colour-code each one for different jobs.

    Price: £1.79 for three.

    2. These inexpensive bin liners are made from biodegradable plastic, so they'll decompose alongside your banana skins.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers have been amazed by how thick and durable these bad boys are, and having used these liners myself I can vouch for their claims!

    Price: £1.49 for ten.

    3. Transform your tresses without any plastic bottles by nabbing these lavender and honey-scented shampoo bars. They contain moisturising cocoa butter!

    Amazon / Via

    These bars aren't packed full of moisture-stripping parabens, so they'll leave your hair looking and feeling silky and hydrated. The formula is highly-concentrated, so just a little bit will go a long way!

    Price: £8.99 for two.

    4. Not only are these mesh produce bags a great low-waste replacement for the plastic ones you get in supermarkets, but their material will also allow your fruit and veg to breathe.

    Amazon / Via

    They come in variety of sizes, all of which will fit neatly into a handbag when they're not in use. The drawstring closure at the top of each bag adds security and makes them incredibly easy to carry!

    Price: £7.99 for nine.

    5. These recyclable, Oral-B compatible toothbrush heads contain teeth-whitening charcoal in their bristles.

    Amazon / Via

    These brushes are designed to completely surround and thoroughly clean your teeth, and the charcoal-infused bristles will help to keep your teeth whiter and your breath fresher (yes, please). Just send them back to the distributor when they're used up and they'll recycle them expertly for you!

    Price: £5.57 for two.

    6. Sure, you could wipe your oven and hob down with paper towels every time you leave a mess on them, but why would you when these specially-designed hob cleaner cloths exist?

    Amazon / Via

    You'll be able to banish those food splatters, crumbs, and grease before they harden! Simply add water to the cleaning cloth for a low-effort, high-impact clean and then polish your surfaces with the accompanying microfibre one.

    Price: £6.78 for two.

    7. And while we're on the topic, these reusable bamboo kitchen towels are incredibly strong. They can be washed in the sink or washing machine after use!

    Amazon / Via

    This kitchen roll claims to absorb up to ten times more than paper kitchen towels, and the sheets are thick enough to tackle even tough stains. You'll get up to 100 uses out of one of these washable sheets, making this roll of 20 a seriously smart investment!

    Price: £5.99 for 20 sheets.

    8. Love your flat mop but hate buying endless disposable pads? These washable microfibre covers are completely reusable.


    Simply chuck these bad boys in the washing machine whenever they get a little grubby! You can use them wet or dry – customers say they're compatible with a wide range of flat mops.

    Price: £7.39 for three.

    9. If you're an avid home cook, the chances are that you've spent way more money on single-use baking paper than you'd like to admit. These reusable silicone alternatives are kind to your wallet AND to the planet!

    Amazon / Via

    These non-stick sheets are a great replacement for regular baking paper, because 1) they're reusable and 2) the silicone material distributes heat much more evenly than other products (like tinfoil) do.

    Price: £12.29 for three.

    10. Remove your makeup and apply your skincare products without the waste or expense of disposable rounds thanks to these eco-friendly alternatives.

    Amazon / Via

    They come with a reusable wash bag that means they won't get lost in your washing machine. The rounds themselves are made with 100% cotton, and reviewers say they're soft and absorbent! And as if all that wasn't enough, the pack of 15 means you'll always have some rounds to hand while others are in the wash.

    Price: £6.99 for 15.

    11. This descaler ball will keep your appliances limescale-free for up to five years, so it might just help to keep them running smoothly for longer. Your detergent will go further when you use this too!

    Amazon / Via

    The magnetised centre of this ball will crystallise and remove the limescale from your water, helping you to get softer water which will give you better results from detergents and soaps.

    Price: £5.99.

    12. You'll only need to buy these reusable freezer-safe bags once.

    Amazon / Via

    Whether you like to meal prep or always end up with lots of leftovers, you're probably sick of the waste and expense of using endless disposable freezer bags. These ones are made with a durable and freezer-safe material, and people love that their zipper seals provide a completely airtight environment.

    Price: £7.59 for ten.

    13. This (satisfying AF) fabric comb will remove the bobbles from your fave clothes in a few easy swipes, so you won't have to chuck out your fave sweater just because it's started pilling.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Simply run it over your clothes and it'll pick up and remove bobbles as it goes along the fabric. I've used this comb on my most delicate garments without any damage!

    Price: £3.99.

    14. These ethylene-absorbing spheres will make your fruit and veg stay fresher for longer, so you won't have to waste money by throwing produce out a couple of days after you buy it. They work just as well in your fridge as they do in your fruit bowl!

    Amazon / Via

    Chuck one of these handy balls into your crisper drawer or fruit bowl and its carbon centre will absorb any chemicals that might spoil your fruit and veg.

    Price: £6.09 for three.

    15. This double-sided scourer will clean your pots and pans using only water.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    It'll clean your pots, pans, plates, and more without scratching them or leaving streaks behind! Just chuck it in your washing machine when it's looking a bit grimy and it'll be good to go again.

    Price: £2.99.

    16. This frosted glass dispenser is designed to help you get the most out of your hand soap.

    Amazon / Via

    Mix your soap with water, chuck the combination in this genius dispenser, and its clever pump design will aerate and lather up the fluid to get as many suds as possible out of a tiny amount of soap.

    Price: £8.73 each.

    17. If you're tired of paying the big bucks for laundry detergent (and let's face it, who isn't?), this reusable laundry egg is ideal.

    Amazon / Via

    Pop it in the drum of your washing machine with your clothes and the beads inside will create a fresh-smelling lather as they circulate! One egg will see you through for up to 210 washes (woah).

    Price: £13.29.

    18. These reusable silicone cupcake cases are honestly an upgrade from the regular paper kinds.

    Amazon / Via

    They're completely non-stick, so you won't have to worry about your bakes crumbling away when you peel back the wrapper (the worst feeling). You can wash them in the dishwasher or sink!

    Price: £7.99 for 12.

    19. Lighter always running out of gas? Don't worry – this flameless USB-powered one has got you covered.

    Amazon / Via

    It's completely rechargeable, so you won't have to deal with the mess and hassle of refills. Plus, it's got a flexible nozzle that you can angle towards whatever surface you want to light!

    Price: £11.99.

    20. This makeup remover cloth requires only water to work its cosmetics-busting magic (imagine the satisfaction of swiping your eyeshadow away Mulan-style).

    Amazon / Via

    This low-key genius cloth is basically all you could want from a makeup remover – it's machine-washable, gets rid of your cosmetics quickly and easily, and will save you money in the long run. It'll tackle everything from foundation to waterproof mascara!

    Price: £4.50.

    21. If you're a fan of perfectly-cooked eggs but dislike disposable poaching bags, these silicone holders are here to help.

    Amazon / Via

    Chuck an egg into one of these and then lower it into a pan of boiling water for about two minutes to get an expertly poached egg. You won't have to face the guilt of using disposable poaching bags or the mess those wispy egg white tendrils leave behind!

    Price: £6.95 for four.

    22. Okay, hear me out here – this ear wax removal syringe has actually gotten some rave reviews, and it's a great lower-waste alternative to cotton buds too.

    Amazon / Via

    It's got three openings on its antibacterial tip that clean your ears with water without spraying your eardrum directly. The nozzle is designed to ensure you can't push it too far into your ear as well!

    Price: £5.95.

    23. You can put your own coffee grounds into these reusable pods.

    Amazon / Via

    Coffee pods are pricey and if you use them daily, they can lead to a lot of plastic waste as well. These dishwasher-safe alternatives fit all Dulce Gusto machines!

    Price: £10.39 for five.

    24. If you've been meaning to buy a menstrual cup for a while but haven't gotten around to it yet, consider this bargain pack of four a sign.

    Amazon / Via

    They're made from a body-safe and easy-to-clean silicone material that will contour to your body ~exactly~. These cups can hold more liquid than most pads and tampons, so you won't need to change them as often as you would with other sanitary products!

    Price: £14.95 for four.

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