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    33 Products That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This June

    And no, you shouldn't be afraid to accidentally send someone this list.

    1. Chill with these CBD-infused gummy bears. Each one contains a whopping 2mg of CBD, so this little pack should last you a while.

    2. Luxuriate with these under-eye masks that contain 24k gold.

    3. You can print photos straight from your phone with this incredible printer.

    4. This touch-activated, dimmable moon lamp is out of this world.

    5. And these astronaut-shaped earrings are stellar.

    6. You can blow actual bubbles with these bubble baths.

    7. Get the gift of knowledge with this sourdough bread-making course. It teaches you everything you'll need to know to create your own crispy-yet-soft loaf, from making your own starter to scoring your bread! (Oh, and did we mention it's 64% off too? Because it is.)

    8. These elegant-but-fun hair clips will transform your day-three hair into a ~lewk~ in no time.

    9. Make movie nights in feel like a trip to the cinema with this smartphone projector.

    10. Bite into some serious nostalgia with this letterbox-friendly retro sweets set.

    11. This adorable kit contains everything you'll need to grow your own bonsai tree at home.

    12. These gin "tea bags" will infuse your booze with a variety of fun flavours.

    13. You can personalise this Toblerone bar with any name or message you like!

    14. Update your sleeping sitch with this satin pillowcase.

    15. How sweet are these lil' letterbox-friendly chocolates?!

    16. This teeny-tiny porcelain hedgehog costs less than £6.

    17. These incredible socks are shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like doughnuts.

    18. These cactus-shaped fridge magnets are almost too cute to use. Almost.

    19. This bath bomb looks like a fizzing cauldron.

    20. This vegan-friendly baklava looks as ~luxe~ as it tastes.

    21. This Friends-themed mug is 1) incredibly cute and 2) a useful way to make sure everyone knows the mug is yours thanks to the handy picture frame.

    22. These coasters are ideal for Rick and Morty fans.

    23. Potterheads can stay hydrated while ALSO showing their fandom with this Polyjuice Potion water bottle.

    24. Try something new with these (cute AF) roller skates.

    25. This stress spot massager is seriously soothing.

    26. This A5 Ted Baker notebook has no reason to be as pretty as it is, but here we are.

    27. This nourishing night mask contains tons of exfoliating and anti-inflammatory vitamin C.

    28. You can make your own ice cream and some homemade sorbet at the same time with this dual-function frozen food maker.

    29. This personalised hamper is designed to fit through your letterbox, and it's filled with 27 delicious Cadbury chocolate bars.

    30. These pretty blossom-look garlands will bring some summer vibes into your home.

    31. You can cultivate your own sunflowers with this kit (aww).

    32. This little avocado-shaped cushion is adorable.

    33. This biscuit-shaped bookmark is magnetic, so it's fun and functional.