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    Braun's Silk Epilator Is Down To £54.99 From £109.99, So I For One Am Sprinting To The Checkout

    Hello, silky-smooth legs.

    If you haven't heard of Braun's cult-status Silk-épil epilator yet, allow me to introduce you to beauty buffs' fave hair removal device.

    It works by removing entire strands of hair (like waxing), so you'll get longer-lasting results than you would from shaving. Tiny tweezers work to cover large areas of your body at once, giving customers the smoothest, softest results they've ever gotten.

    It works on super-short hairs (even those hard-to-tackle bits of stubble), and thanks to its anti-slip and waterproof design, you can use it in the shower or bath too.

    Before you ask, I'll answer: for something so good at removing hair, customers reckon this epilator is surprisingly painless. That makes sense, because it's got a high-frequency massage function that distracts your nerves from pain signals – and it doesn't hurt (ayyy) that you can get silky-smooth results from a single stroke either.

    The good news doesn't stop there! This epilator comes with a razor head, trimmer cap, and bikini styler, making its current 50% discount even more impressive. No wonder reviewers have been so impressed, right?

    So, respectfully, what are you still doing here? Braun's highly-rated, super-effective epilator set won't stay half-off forever – race you to the checkout!