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    Just 22 Incredible Gifts From Black-Owned Etsy Stores In The UK

    Don't mind me, just ordering these ASAP!

    If you didn't know already, Etsy has a page where you can find UK-based Black-owned stores! We went through the selection of gorgeous items to find some of our fave products.

    1. These gorgeous face coverings come with a handy filter pocket, and they're completely reusable too.

    2. You can choose which affirmations you'd like printed onto the back of these bookmarks.

    3. These satin scrunchies are 1) stunning and 2) kind to your hair. Choose from 12 different colours!

    4. Don't mind me, just drooling over these cake jars. Flavours include Biscoff, cookies and cream, nutty Nutella, and so many more!

    5. These chokers honestly have no right to look as good as they do. There are two designs and two colours to choose from!

    6. This lavender-scented whipped body butter is completely organic!

    7. Give your BFF this handmade friendship candle. It smells of lavender, bergamot, rose, and peppermint, and it's decorated with a rose quartz crystal too!

    8. This bar of organic soap contains Ghanaian black soap, shea butter, and orange zest.

    9. Their lips will feel smooth and soft after they use this exfoliating scrub.

    10. Don't mind me, just ordering this stunning print ASAP.

    11. This wired headband will keep its shape after they twist it!

    12. These pendant birthstone earrings are ideal for people with a January birthday.

    13. And these gold-plated drop earrings are simply stellar!

    14. These geode coasters couldn't be any prettier if they tried.

    15. They'll be able to keep on top of their day-to-day tasks with this tear-off notepad.

    16. You can get a flag of your choice hand-embroidered onto this lil' hoop!

    17. Sorry, but these press-on nails might just be the most stunning things I've seen all day.

    18. I'm going dotty for this phone cover! It comes in sizes suitable for iPhone 5 and above as well as Samsung Galaxy A3 and above.

    19. This double-layered satin bonnet is reversible.

    20. You can't go too far wrong with a great pair of socks (especially when they look as good as these do).

    21. This 'too blessed to stress' mug is handmade!

    22. Bring some boho chic to their ~look~ with one of these four-layer necklaces.

    Want to check out even more products from UK-based black-owned stores? You can view the entire selection by clicking here!

    Actual footage of these products brightening up their recipient's day: