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    We Found 10 Of The Very Best Things To Do In London This Weekend

    I regret to inform you that the "staying in" months are officially over.

    Anyone else feel like it's *finally* gotten summer-y in London? Sure, we had that intense, out-of-nowhere thunderstorm recently – but overall, everyone in London seems a bit more cheery, and the parks and beer gardens are starting to pack up.

    So, if you're keen to go out this weekend but aren't exactly sure where to, we've got your back! Here are ten of the best things we found to do in London this weekend:

    1. After a creepy (cultural) crawl? The wonderfully weird Hunterian museum reopened on Tuesday, so I'd mosey on down to the eerie establishment ASAP if I were you.

    2. Stuck for what to do on Sunday? Cheer on half-marathon runners as they sprint along the Hackney Half route.

    3. Need a laugh? Same, so I reckon we should both check out the recently-launched LGBTQ+ stand-up comedy festival.

    4. Three words: rare book fair.

    5. Sam Morrison's play Sugar Daddy only has a couple of days left in its Soho Theatre run, so I'd sprint to the ticket checkout if I were you.

    6. Head to Mano Mayfair for a bite (or, if you're like me, a full-on feeding frenzy) of Brazilian bliss.

    7. I'm not proud of much, but being the first to tell a Kentish Town local about MAP Cafe's Jazz Sundays still makes me feel smug (I'm the kind of out-of-towner who thought my nearest Franco Manca was a one-off boutique spot when I first arrived, so please let me enjoy my crumbs of self-satisfaction).

    8. Walking Hampstead Heath + nabbing one of those viral croissant cubes from Karma Bread bakery = a pretty perfect Sunday, IMO.

    9. Ever heard of voga (a vogueing/yoga combo)? Nor had I until five minutes ago, but now I'm extremely keen to try it out.

    10. The British Library have launched an all-new animal exhibition, and I've got to say, it's looking pretty impressive.