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    You Can Save Big On Good-As-New Products With eBay's 'Certified Refurbished' Section – Here Are 27 Of Our Fave Finds

    Sustainable AND discounted? Yes, please.

    In case you didn't know, eBay has a manufacturer-approved 'certified refurbished' section on their site where you can find good-as-new products for less. eBay offers a one-year guarantee on all these products, and you can often get free shipping and 30-day returns too! We went through the section to find the very best deals.

    1. This half-price cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for pet owners! Its bagless cylinder has a HEPA filter, too.

    2. Caffeine lovers will likely end up using this Dolce Gusto coffee machine all the time. It's ALSO half off!

    3. I'm struggling to believe that this Tefal air fryer is 53% off, but here we are.

    4. This Tefal blender has two speeds and a pulse function, so you can crush everything from frozen fruit to coffee beans! Not bad for 36% off, right?

    5. This 69%-off ten-in-one steam mop works on tile, carpets, upholstery, windows, and more! It only takes 25 seconds to heat up, and it'll last for 25 minutes on one tank of water.

    6. Channel your inner cinematographer by nabbing this inexpensive mini drone. It comes with a 5MP camera and does flips (oh, and it's 56% off too).

    7. This mini Tefal deep fryer is a bargain at 44% off. It's got dishwasher-safe parts and a nonstick bowl!

    8. Enjoy a 34% discount on this 64GB Lenovo tablet. Its 10.1-inch screen makes it perfect for Netflix binges!

    9. And while we're on the topic of streaming, this Majority Atlas Bluetooth soundbar will make your computer or phone sound like a home cinema. It costs 39% less than you'd usually pay!

    10. You can cook anything from grilled veggies to delicious paninis with this Tefal 'Grill Indico' appliance that's down by a sizzling 41%.

    11. Tefal's four-slice toaster has a defrost function AND a 61% discount. What's not to love?!

    12. HP's 'Stream 11' laptop has a 32GB memory, an 11.6-inch screen, and a 17% price reduction.

    13. There's something so gorgeous about this sleek Russell Hobbs microwave (and no, I'm not JUST talking about its 35% discount).

    14. This 28%-off dashcam has night vision and a magnetic mount.

    15. Gamers will adore this 27-inch curved monitor (and they'll be a pretty huge fan of its 16% discount, too).

    16. This highly portable wireless HP mouse is down by 26%.

    17. You can use this hi-fi system as a DAB, digital, and FM radio as well as a Bluetooth speaker. It also has three USB ports to charge your device and play mp3 files! All that for 79% off? Yes, please.

    18. Get perfectly fluffy grains with minimal effort by nabbing this Tefal rice cooker. It's 49% off!

    19. Fellow DIY enthusiasts, let's just take a moment to appreciate the 19% price reduction on this Einhell orbital sander.

    20. You can save 49% on this stainless steel kettle from Tefal! It's got a rapid-boil function and a limescale-resistant finish.

    21. There's 25% off this HP Pavilion wired headset right now! It's compatible with Windows 10, Android, Xbox, iOS, and PlayStation.

    22. Get ready for the warm months ahead by snapping up this George Foreman kettle barbecue while it's 12% off.

    23. If you've been meaning to nab yourself a mini fridge for a while now, consider the 21% discount on this Russell Hobbs one to be a sign.

    24. Get 43% off this Tefal steam iron right now!

    25. You can wash up to 7kg of clothes in 28 minutes with this 19%-off Beko washing machine.

    26. Tefal's multifunction food processor is ideal for everything from slicing veg to emulsifying sauces. It's down by 46%!

    27. These noise-cancelling ASUS earphones are perfect for gamers! You can get your own pair for 20% off.

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