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    31 Products You'll Probably Be Glad Are Personalised So Nobody Else Will Touch Them

    These have got your name written all over them (literally).

    1. You can get your name printed onto this Friends-themed pillowcase!

    2. Potterheads will adore this lil' keyring.

    3. Chocoholics will appreciate this Toblerone that'll let other people know the bar is all yours.

    4. Get your name printed with glittery letters onto this makeup bag!

    5. These leather cable organisers will provide a home for your earphones and charger while also looking classy AF.

    6. These plug stickers will ensure everyone knows whose charger is whose.

    7. How gorgeous are these monogrammed mugs?! They come in all the letters of the alphabet!

    8. I'm obsessed with this personalised Nutella label that comes with an engraved spoon.

    9. You can snap up one of these Scrabble-style coasters for every member of your household!

    10. These stainless steel water bottles are vacuum insulated! Choose your fave colour and print from 16 different options.

    11. Choose your initial from this selection of letter-shaped notebooks.

    12. Bookworms will get a lot of use out of this stunning bookmark.

    13. You'll be able to see your name in lights (or at least your initial) with one of these inexpensive lamps!

    14. Why not turn your fave image into a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle?!

    15. This Kinder Bueno hamper comes with a personalised message (and there's no reason why that message shouldn't be "this is my chocolate and you will all leave it alone").

    16. How gorgeous is this monogrammed glass?! It's available in every letter!

    17. Nothing says ~luxe~ like monogrammed towels – this embroidered one is gorgeous and budget-friendly!

    18. Your can put your birthstone and your name on this stunning bracelet, because there's no such thing as too much personalisation.

    19. If you love crafting, you'll adore this personalised crochet hook!

    20. Okay, but can we please talk about this letter tote bag for a second?! It's available in seven different colours (and 26 different letters!).

    21. You can put any image or text you like onto this phone grip.

    22. These battery-powered cushion covers have colourful LEDs inside (BRB, just ordering five).

    23. This personalised bottle opener has no reason to be as chic as it is, but here we are.

    24. You can put your name on this stellar phone case that's compatible with a whole range of devices.

    25. Just when you thought chocolate couldn't get any better, this personalised bar comes along.

    26. This set of 50(!) printed sticky labels will allow you to personalise anything, from your lunchbox to your shower gel.

    27. This engraved glasses case is perfect if you keep losing your current one.

    28. This compact mirror is seriously handy (and costs less than a fiver).

    29. This snack bowl will let everyone know that no, actually, this is NOT a sharing pack of popcorn.

    30. This pack of six personalised pens is incredible value.

    31. Keep your grooming tools together in this useful jar.