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    47 Discounted Products From Amazon's Overstocked 'Outlet' Section That Belong In Your Basket This March

    Hello, discounts.

    In case you didn't already know, Amazon have a discounted 'Overstock' section where you can find incredible products for less. Here are some of our fave finds!

    1. How cute is this pressie-worthy Bayliss & Harding bath set? They'll never need to know it was 52% off!

    2. Save 44% on this pack of eight stem ginger flapjacks (psst – they'd make an amazing Mother's Day gift).

    3. Save a hair-raising 50% on L'Oreal's cult-status Wonder Water treatment.

    4. Banish your blackheads for 26% less with COSRX's AHA BHA toner.

    5. Save 20% on Real Techniques' eye makeup brushes!

    6. This gorgeous A5 2023 diary has an *equally* stunning 61% discount.

    7. I'm sorry, but I can't be the only one who's *deeply* excited by this mounted and framed Celthorpes print from the National Railway museum. It's 60% off right now!

    8. Garnier's 31%-off eye sheet mask collection is perfect for a pamper night in!

    9. Save 71% on these deceptively expensive-looking pyjama bottoms.

    10. How gorgeous is this 20%-off 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle?

    11. Dry your hair faster for 51% less with these anti-frizz microfiber scrunchies.

    12. This goes-with-everything shirt is down by 69% right now, and it's ideal for this awkward transitional weather. Also, can we talk about how those sleeves are the perfect length?

    13. Oh, and this boxy T-shirt will become your next go-to staple – half-tuck it into your favorite pair of wide-leg jeans or maxi skirt for an outfit that nobody will know you rushed. It's 79% off right now!

    14. There's 29% off this viral Olaplex No.3 hair bonding treatment right now.

    15. I love this 68%-off canvas print by Sam Toft.

    16. I reckon lilac is quietly becoming one of the colours of the season, so you'd better believe I'm nabbing this highly wearable oversized T-shirt now it's 64% off.

    17. Save 36% on these blue light-blocking glasses.

    18. I'm not saying you *have* to gift your mum this 36%-off oroblanco and cardamom-scented candle this Mother's Day. I'm just saying, it'd probably go down well if you *did*.

    19. And foodies will adore this 36%-off cheese-making kit.

    20. Save a sizzling 35% on this stainless steel, Teflon-coated frying pan.

    21. Smooth and plumpen your skin for 28% less with NIP+FAB's Dragon Blood serum.

    22. This 36%-off initial necklace comes in all the letters of the alphabet, and it's made with sterling silver.

    23. Slip these 20%-off cedar wood rings over the hooks of your hangers to naturally repel moths (clever, right?).

    24. This 33%-off karaoke mic is marketed towards kids, but look – I won't tell if you don't.

    25. A 33%-off essential oil diffuser for under £20? Okay then, Amazon.

    26. This 54%-off On Demand mascara is ridiculously highly-rated.

    27. Want to buy a gift for the fly fisher in your life? Well, I didn't spend hours of my childhood getting bothered by clouds of midges not to learn that 1) it's nearly trout season and 2) these 33%-off flies are a great way to catch them.

    28. Hello there, 32%-off panda slippers.

    29. The 35% saving on this exercise band makes it hard to resist (sorry).

    30. I am frankly too old to have to deal with non-glass food containers, so it's a good thing this set of six is 30% off.

    31. This goose feather duvet is down (teehee) by 30%.

    32. These 30%-off silicone baking mats are reusable and dishwasher-safe.

    33. I reckon you'll be wearing this 20%-off straw bag all summer long.

    34. If your cutlery drawer is filled with mismatched utensils, allow me to introduce you to the 28% discount on this gold-hued 24-piece set.

    35. Nab 25% off this glam Airpods case.

    36. Deepen your friendships with this 'Our Moments' card game that's filled with thought-provoking conversation starters.

    37. Keep your rotary line dry between uses with this 49%-off waterproof cover.

    38. The 43% discount on these wireless earphones is music to my ears.

    39. This 43%-off tealight holder is perfect for Mother's Day.

    40. This adorable pencil case is a delicious 43% off right now.

    41. Save 43% on these baby velvet-lined hangers.

    42. Nab the 41% price reduction on these yoga shorts.

    43. This 40%-off aluminium dish rack is honestly a steal.

    44. Our entire shopping team loves Seche Vite's long-lasting, chip-resistant topcoat, so we're all stocking up now it's 66% off.

    45. Right, I reckon it's time you strapped yourself in for a Le Cresuet sale bonanza. Let's start with this 27%-off forged aluminum wok, shall we?

    46. The Le Creuset savings continue with this 41%-off stainless steel pot...

    47. ...and I reckon this 32%-off cast iron casserole dish and grill set is a nice way to round the deals off, don't you?

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