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    Here's The Best Cheap, Mid-Price, And Expensive Food And Drink I've Tried So Far This Christmas

    I tried everything from a £2 bottle of non-alcoholic wine to some £150 whisky!

    ✨Best budget-friendly food and drink✨

    1. These non-alcoholic Belvoir Farms drinks are so good, I (a drinker) buy them every year. I love their Mulled Winter punch and the delicious Spiced Ginger punch!

    2. These 'Festive Friends' chocolates from KitKat have honestly replaced the usual selection boxes in my house.

    3. My flatmates and I have bought eight boxes of these Tesco biscuits so far this season (no, really).

    4. These eco-conscious 'Hidden Sea' wines are delicious, and they won't cost the Earth either!

    5. Speaking of deceptively luxe-tasting booze, Brewdog's rhubarb and lemon vodka is a steal at £20.

    6. Literally every single thing from Lidl's 'Deluxe' range.

    ✨Best mid-price munchies✨

    7. If you're after a *truly* deceptive non-alcoholic alternative, this CleanCo 'spirits' range is the most true-to-life one I've ever tried.

    8. This sloe gin and dark chocolate gift set is hands-down one of the tastiest things I've ever gotten. The chocolates and the gin are both hand-crafted, and 15% of profits will go towards African elephant preservation!

    9. I'm usually more of a spirits gal than a beer drinker, but this oh-so-tasty pale ale from Lion Brewing Co was so good it converted me!

    10. I'm beginning to regret all the years I lived without knowing about this festive Mr Ames selection!

    11. I take doughnuts VERY seriously, so I hope you believe me when I say these festive sourdough ones from Crosstown bakery are elite.

    12. Oh, and their ginger biscuits aren't to be messed with either.

    13. This THRIVE recipe box contained absolutely everything I needed to cook a Christmassy dinner for our entire flat (and no, there weren't any leftovers).

    ✨The most splurge-worthy drinks✨

    14. I really love whisky, so when I tell you that Waterford Whisky's traditionally-made single-malt ones are seriously great, I *mean* it.

    15. Even the most *sophisticated* whisky lover in your life will be impressed by Oxford Rye Distillery's limited-edition 'Red Red Rye'.

    What are your fave cheap, mid-range, and *luxe* Christmas options? Share your best finds in the comments below!