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    15 Dupes We Reckon Are Just As Good As The OGs (And 8 That I Regret To Inform You You Can't Cheap Out On)

    Cozzie livs, babes.

    1. Milk's Hydro Grip primer has had beauty buffs in a tizzy for ages, but I reckon e.l.f.'s cheap-as-chips alternative is just as powerful.

    2. Yes, yes, treat yourself to the Dior lip oil if you can (TikTokers love it for a reason) – but I reckon Technic's cheap-as-chips offerings are great for day-to-day use.

    3. The Stanley cup is a pretty gorgeous way to stay hydrated, but I love my stainless steel alternative just as much.

    4. We love a Dyson air wrap, but I'm still recovering from how good my coworker's locks looked after using Revlon's heated curlers.

    Here's what my coworker's hair looked like after the heated rollers:

    5. I've used both Anastasia's Brow Freeze and Got2B's brow gel, and while you can personalise your brow shape a little more with ABH's option, I've been honestly wowed by the cheaper one too.

    Speaking of brows, I reckon this NYX brow pencil is the best I've tried at any price point – no need to spend a penny more, IMO.

    6. I spent more money than I'd like to admit on skincare before I landed on a simple cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen routine that's transformed my skin completely. I don't have a single skincare product to debunk here – I just don't think people with no specific skincare needs have to bother with much for a basic, pre-active ingredient routine.

    7. If Rare Beauty's beautiful liquid blush is on your birthday wishlist, this Makeup Revolution cheek stain will see you through 'til someone splashes a bit more cash on you.

    Of course, you can always bet on e.l.f.'s glowy Monochromatic Multi-Stick if you like a bit of sparkle in your sun-touched glow.

    8. Glow Recipe's sensational niacinamide-rich Dew Drops are as gorgeous as they are hydrating, but if you're mostly after the smoothing, pore-cleansing promises of its active ingredient, why not buy some of the INKEY list's niacinamide serum and get it straight from the source?

    9. I've seen TikTok-viral round vases go for hundreds, but why pay that when this one is under £14?

    10. There's nothing better than an indulgent night in with Sand & Sky's pink clay mask, but we love this cheap and cheerful option too when we're a little further from payday.

    11. Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter foundation is, according to multiple beauty influencers and my friend Louise, 100% worth the price (especially for special occasions). But if you're after that filtered-looking glow on the reg, this e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter foundation has made a convert of everyone I know who's tried it.

    12. My colleague Jess is pretty *particular* about scents, so I trust her when she says this Jenny Glow Wood & Sage perfume makes her just as happy as her beloved Jo Malone Wood, Sage, & Sea Salt cologne.

    13. If you love the viral Lululemon Everywhere belt bag but can't pay full-price right now, this more affordable alternative has impressed my editor.

    Here's my editor rocking her cheaper alternative:

    14. Speaking of which, my *other* colleague Valeza loves these affordable-yet-super-high-quality leggings which remind her of Lululemon's beloved Nulu ones.

    Here she is stunning in the less-pricey alternatives:

    15. If you love the look and body-hugging compression of the viral SKIMS dress, this sub-£10 Amazon offering contains 17% Spandex.

    💸 And now for the bad news – here are eight products we'll never cheap out on. 💸

    16. Jess, who owns a pet, won't be without her Shark cordless vacuum cleaner.

    17. And Valeza won't be without her Dr Martens platform Jadon Boots.

    18. This absolute beast of a draining rack is one of the best products I've ever bought for my shared flat.

    19. Having tried this heated air rack myself, I'm honestly not sure how I lived (or got ready for work) without one.

    20. Jess (who always has amazing hair, TBF) does not play about her GHD Max Styler Hair Straighteners.

    21. Noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have IMO, and Beats are by far the best I've tried.

    22. As an ex-cleaner, I will not settle for less than Fairy Liquid.

    23. I know I said I don't care what sunscreen you buy as long as you have one, and that's true – any is better than none. But for me personally, La Roche-Posay's cult-status option is a non-negotiable.