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    I Used To Be A Cleaner – Here's What's Actually Worth Spending (And Saving) Your Money On

    Spoiler alert: you probably shouldn't be spending more than £3 on a carpet cleaner.

    Hi! I'm Amy, and I was a cleaner for a couple of years before I started writing shopping posts here at BuzzFeed. I love combining my knowledge to share the best cleaning products around with you, so I decided to create a list about which ones are worth it (and which ones you can save on!).

    💰 Save on: fancy cream cleaners💰

    You can find loads of pricey abrasive products online, but IMO you can get pretty far into a deep clean using only The Pink Stuff (in fact, pros have been using it *way* before the 'For You' page existed).

    💸Splurge on: a really great mop💸

    The pedal-operated spinning drain in this ridiculously highly-rated bad boy solves pretty much every problem I've ever faced while mopping, and it means I don't have to tiptoe gingerly around until the floors dry.

    💰 Save on: oven cleaners💰

    There are plenty of good ones out there (I love Oven Brite's kit for an all-in-one pack), but you can get even more impressive results from Duzzit's massive bottle of baking soda and an industrial-sized roll of clingfilm IMO.

    💸Splurge on: an undeniably good vacuum💸

    I'm absolutely not the type to choose a brand name for the sake of it, but the trusty Henry Hoover has truly never let me down. It packs the most suction per pound I've found so far!

    💰Save on: *prestige* carpet cleaners for small stains💰

    I've tried so many stain removers for soft furnishings, but nothing acts as quickly (or as effectively) as Dr. Beckmann's.

    💸Splurge on: this glass-protecting shower solution that'll keep your glass stain-free between cleans💸

    This shower shield solution will keep your unit gleaming between scrubs (and it'll protect your taps too!).

    💰Save on: fancy mould removers (and new grouting)💰

    Mould is a pretty common problem in the UK, but don't worry – this highly-rated removal spray has got your back.

    💸Splurge on: some space-saving organisers💸

    A majority of the mess in most folks' homes comes from clutter rather than actual dirt. These shelves are great!

    💰Save on: literally any degreaser that costs more than Elbow Grease's £1 spray💰

    TikTok creators are 100% correct about the power of Elbow Grease spray.

    💸Splurge on: bin liners that will absolutely never leak💸

    Please do yourself a favour and get some extra extra strong bin liners.

    💰Save on: new kettles💰

    This descaler ball will prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!