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    I Used To Be A Cleaner – Here Are My Favourite Products Under £3

    I still swear by these, TBH.

    Hi! I'm Amy, and I used to be a cleaner before I began working at BuzzFeed. I learned loads in that job, like how to do an envelope fold and just how many people think UK kettles can be used as teapots (it's a lot). I also found out which cheap-as-chips products do just a good a job as their pricier counterparts – here are some of my faves!

    1. You can't go wrong with some classic baking powder. It's perfect for cleaning everything from ovens to shower units, and you can use it as a deodoriser in your fridge too (hello, ~adventurous~ cheeses).

    2. You can sub out a lot of cleaning products for one another (I use washing-up liquid for my glass surfaces all the time), but I refuse to use anything other than Elbow Grease as a degreaser.

    3. Once I used The Pink Stuff's cream cleaner for the first time, I knew I could never go back.

    4. I just don't think I would have been able to do my job without this roll of 40 cleaning cloths.

    5. If I had to clean a house with only one product, I reckon it'd probably be this endlessly useful concentrated disinfectant from Fabulosa.

    6. Anyone who's tried to clean their sink or shower knows how tough it can be to get them *truly* spotless, so it's a good thing this specially-designed spray exists.

    7. A ~professional~ finish is in the details, which is where this mini dustpan and brush set comes in.

    8. This low-hassle rim block cleans your loo, keeps it smelling fresh, and costs under £1.50. It's a no-brainer if you ask me (and apparently, you are).

    9. Okay, so this Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder is technically bang-on three quid and not under it, but it works so well on everything from baking trays to oven racks that I'm sure you'll forgive me.

    10. Nothing gives that 'I've had pros in' sparkle to your hard surfaces like these microfibre cloths.

    11. You know those multi-product toilet-cleaning TikToks? Yeah, this fast-acting fluid from Duck proves that you only really need one solution to get the job done.

    12. A few years into using Dr. Beckmann's carpet-cleaning solution, I'm still amazed by how well (and quickly) it works.

    13. Speaking of fast-acting solutions to long-standing problems, this bargain mould remover gets to work in three minutes.

    14. Believe it or not, this pumice stone is the best solution for that truly tough-to-budge limescale at the base of your loo.

    15. This squeegee is the difference between squeakily wiping your entire shower screen down in tiny circles or sweeping away the grime in super-satisfying wipes.

    16. Most of the UK is in a hard water area, so this descaler spray is basically priceless.