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    71 Cheap Gifts To Buy If Their Standards Are High But Your Budget Is Low

    All of these are under a tenner!

    1. This kit that helps you turn water into artificial snow is meant for kids, but like... I won't tell if you don't?

    2. An impressive gift, this 'Dad, Yoda best' mug is.

    3. Not sure what to get the person who seems to have everything? This monogrammed slate coaster is ideal!

    4. Three words: Lindt hot chocolate.

    5. And just two more, but very loudly: LINDT CRACKER(!!!).

    6. They'll probably say 'aww' every time they look at these teeny-tiny elephant tealights.

    7. They won't turn their nose up at these wax melts – customers reckon they smell almost exactly like Mugler's Alien fragrance.

    8. A personalised lighter for under £4? In this economy?! Well, that's my gifts sorted for everyone who's so much as mentioned a candle, fireplace, or incense stick then.

    9. They'll be able to fill these screw-top baubles with booze to keep their spirits high (I'm so sorry).

    10. You'd be forgiven for thinking these Clean Girl aesthetic claw clips cost twice the price.

    11. This inexpensive Yankee candle smells of Christmas cookies (I know, right?!).

    12. I frankly needed this fleecy throw yesterday. It's available in nine colours!

    13. Show a loved one that you're thinking about them with this thoughtful porcelain elephant (and yes, it does come in that adorable matchbox).

    14. The most practical people in your life will appreciate this seven-in-one multipurpose pen. It works as a screwdriver, a spirit level, a stylus, and more!

    15. These reusable whiskey stones will keep their drinks cool without diluting them. They come in a gorgeous velvet pouch!

    16. This introvert-friendly mug gets it.

    17. Ever since my coworker Valeza tried this (bloody massive) Dairy Milk bar, I've been waiting patiently for gifting season to roll back around so I can try it.

    18. If you know someone who always orders the hottest item on the menu and then spends the whole meal loudly commenting on how mild it is (hi, dad), then this Carolina Reaper chilli might keep them quiet for a bit. It claims to be the hottest chilli in the world; if the reviews are anything to go by, it certainly feels like it is.

    19. Hello, hi, if anyone I know is reading this, I'd like this chocolate and churro kit literally any time you want to send it to me. Thanks!!!

    20. Reviewers swear by this stress-relieving colouring book.

    21. The hot sauce aficionados in your life will be able to fill and reuse this Sriracha keyring as often as they like.

    22. Chocoholics will seriously appreciate this box of Reese's peanut butter treats.

    23. This insanely highly-rated eyeshadow palette contains a mixture of glam sparkly shades and wearable matte colours.

    24. If you're after a classic gift with a twist, these sushi-shaped socks are ideal.

    25. If they love gaming AND chocolate, they'll lose their minds over this milk chocolate console.

    26. And this Vaseline hand cream and lip balm set is perfect for pretty much everybody! It comes in a gorgeous wash bag.

    27. Aspiring photographers will love this camera-shaped 16GB flash drive.

    28. Give them the gift of great skin with this set of three L'Oréal clay masks.

    29. You can put their name and a message onto this engraved pint glass, and at less than a tenner, why wouldn't you?!

    30. Hello, mulled wine and mulled cider gift set.

    31. Don't mind me, just ordering this adorable flower press ASAP.

    32. You can put whatever image you like onto this keyring (aww).

    33. DC fans will love this Batman rubber duck!

    34. This portable mini nail dryer is a steal at less than £7.

    35. There's something so ~luxe~ about this gourmet box of clotted cream fudge.

    36. They'll feel like they're having a spa day while using these Garnier sheet masks.

    37. You can't go wrong with a 2023 diary (especially when it's as gorgeous as this one is!). It comes with a paperwork folder, weekly and monthly overview, day-to-day entry slots, and more.

    38. They'll have a whale of a time with this stunning necklace.

    39. Aspiring chefs will adore this food presentation kit that'll take their plates from "well it's all about the flavour really, isn't it?" to grid-worthy. It comes with tweezers, metal rings, a detailed instruction book, and more!

    40. I'd believe you if you told me you'd found this carved jewellery box in an antiques shop, TBH.

    41. This necklace comes in all the letters of the alphabet, so you can nab one with their initial on it.

    42. And if you're buying for your mum, this rose gold-hued option is pretty perfect, right?

    43. I'm honestly struggling to believe how inexpensive these luxe-looking makeup brushes are.

    44. They can deck the halls (or at least their windows) with these glue-free snowflake decals. They're completely reusable!

    45. Reviewers have been wowed by this nail growth serum from Sally Hansen.

    46. Show your mum some appreciation with this adorable 'Mama Bear' mug.

    47. This personalised makeup bag will have their name written all over it (literally).

    48. Chocoholics, let's just take a moment to appreciate this selection of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

    49. Hydrate and repair their skin with this trio of Cath Kidston hand creams.

    50. This Gruffalo advent calendar offers a book a day for 24 days...

    51. ...this tea advent calendar is brimming with 24 beautiful brews...

    52. ...and this Monty Bojangles truffle advent calendar just has a lot of really great chocolate.

    53. This gua sha roller is simply stunning.

    54. Comedy fans, take note: Bob Mortimer has released a novel, and yes, it does involve lots of pies.

    55. Garnier's brightening and smoothing vitamin C serum also contains pore-cleansing niacinamide.

    56. How cute is this wooden bear hug charm?!

    57. This Galaxy hot chocolate station includes both hot chocolate sachets *and* toppings.

    58. How cosy does this extra-long hot water bottle sound?!

    59. Can we TALK about the price tag on this seven-piece cocktail making set, please?

    60. I can't imagine anyone not loving this stunning vase.

    61. NGL, this set of chutneys and pickles has unleashed my inner Wallace from Wallace and Gromit.

    62. And while we're on the topic, can you believe this chic cheeseboard amd cheese knife set costs less than £10?

    63. These Friends-themed lip balms will be the Central Perk of their day (sorry).

    64. This Monopoly BID game will give you all the fun and ~drama~ of Monopoly without lasting for hours (or causing irreparable family rifts).

    65. Would it be too dramatic of me to move to a flat that has a bath just to use these crystal-inspired bath bombs?

    66. Though to be fair, I'd be pretty happy with this set of six shower steamers too (don't worry, flatmates, turns out our lease is safe after all).

    67. This set of hot chocolate stirrers looks pretty much irresistible.

    68. There's something so Christmassy about this matte plum lip paint from Rimmel.

    69. This eight-shade 'Miracle Contouring' palette from Max Factor is a steal at less than £5!

    70. This bargain Sanctuary Spa gift set contains four mini products.

    71. And last but not least, this stellar tea strainer is going in my basket ASAP.