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    Here Are 7 Of The Best Black Friday Hacks For NHS Workers

    Including a free McDonald's latté and 30% off some stunning flowers!

    You can get a free chocolate fudge latté from McDonald's (and 20% off all items when you order through the app!).

    Irina Marwan / Getty Images

    How to claim: Download and sign up to the MyMcDonald's app through your NHS email – this will entitle you to 20% off all in-app purchases, and you'll also get a chocolate fudge latté voucher that's valid until the 1st of December! 

    Need to bring some groceries in? You can save £6 on a £45 shop at Iceland!

    Luis Alvarez / Getty Images

    How to claim: Visit the NHS discount offers website to get your unique code! Fair warning, though – it's only valid for new customers, and the minimum spend is £45.

    Speaking of supermarket savings, you can get 10% off your next Morrison's shop too.

    Helena Lopes / Getty Images/500px Prime

    How to claim: Join the Morrison's NHS club, and then use your Morrison's More card at the checkout (you won't need an ID card). Some exclusions apply, like petrol and some booze! 

    Upgrade your kitchen for 10% less with AO's large kitchen appliances offer.

    Israel Sebastian / Getty Images

    How to claim: Visit the NHS discount offers website to get the unique code, which you can then add at checkout to save on large kitchen appliances! 

    Um, 20% off Lovehoney products? Yes, please.

    Cavan Images / Getty Images/Cavan Images RF

    How to claim: Head to the NHS money-saving site and nab yourself a Lovehoney code! The 20% NHS discount is on *top* of any existing Black Friday offers too, so you can pretty much bet you'll be making some serious savings.

    You can get 20% off your EE bill this Black Friday, too!

    D3sign / Getty Images

    How to claim: Sign up to the EE perks package! You'll be asked to prove you're an NHS member, and once that's cleared you'll get told how to save 20% on your monthly mobile phone bill on 24 month devices and SIM plans.

    Save 30% on some gorgeous flowers from Bloom & Wild!

    Oscar Wong / Getty Images

    How to claim: Visit Bloom & Wild's keyworker discount page and verify your ID! The 30% discount is for new NHS customers only, but you can also get 20% off if you're a returning or existing NHS customer.

    Shout out to Hannah at NHS Discount Offers for compiling these incredible deals!