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    20 Products From Amazon We Tried And Loved In August

    Including our new favourite hyaluronic acid serum and a razor that you'll only need to buy once.

    1. Get rid of any unwanted flies with these sticky insect traps that are a much less grim alternative to the gross yellow Chandeliers of Pain you used to see hanging from people's ceilings.

    2. CeraVe's hyaluronic acid is about to become your go-to skincare saviour.

    3. If you're tired of buying what feels like endless packs of disposable razors, this reusable safety option is the perfect alternative.

    4. Colin Barrett's Homesickness deserves the top spot on your September reading list.

    5. This massive RFID-blocking purse is perfect for people who have a million clubcards.

    6. If you ask us, there are zero back-of-the drawer pairs in this set of deceptively cheap earrings.

    7. This rosemary essential oil is ridiculously well-reviewed, with many reviewers saying it's helped to thicken their hair.

    8. This scalp massager is probably the most satisfying way to lather your shampoo ever.

    9. If you're in the market for a new phone, Google's 128GB Pixel 6a is probably the best-value option you're going to find.

    10. Kiki Smith's art book is so gorgeous, it basically doubles up as decor.

    11. Speaking of love at first sight (or bite), I've had this Nigel Slater cookbook in my bag since I first tried one of his recipes.

    12. Been maning to buy some decent headphones for a while now? These Bowers & Wilkins ones have stuned reviewers.

    13. Whether your skin barrier is feeling a little worn or you just want a moisturiser that'll *truly* hydrate your skin, La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast Baume repair balm has got your back.

    14. And this Aquaphor lip balm will deeply hydrate your lips, too.

    15. Turn your kitchen into a coffee shop with this endlessly useful milk frother.

    16. Faith in Nature's rosemary shampoo smells much more premium than it costs, if you ask us.

    17. O'Keeffe's moisturising hand cream contains protective allantoin, so you'll have a barrier between your skin and drying factors.

    18. You might never go back to regular nail polish remover after trying this oh-so-handy twist pot.

    19. Channel your inner artist with these cheap-as-chips acrylic paints.

    20. This matcha tea will perk you up without giving you the coffee jitters.