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    62 Products Under £2 That Are So Highly-Rated, I Had To Double-Check The Price Tag

    These are proof that some things only *sound* too good to be true!

    1. Lengthen, define, *and* curl your lashes with this highly-rated mascara.

    2. And you can make double sure your lashes are clump-free by nabbing this eyelash comb.

    3. Open doors and press elevator buttons touch-free with this keychain-friendly gadget!

    4. Dr. Beckmann's travel wash will remove lil' stains on the spot AND allow you to hand-wash clothes when you're travelling – it's perfect if you tend to spill coffee on yourself on the train!

    5. This bathroom cloth has one tough side to help you tackle limescale and another, softer side for lighter cleaning and polishing. Reviewers reckon it's gotten rid of their mineral buildup in no time!

    6. This stain-removing laundry bleach from Ecover has seriously impressed reviewers.

    7. Keep track of your vitamins or tablets with this seven-day pill box!

    8. Treat your tresses to Tresemmé's moisturising 'Salon Silk' shampoo.

    9. Home bakers will end up using this absolute steal of a measuring jug all the time!

    10. Hop on the soap brow trend for less than a quid with Pear's cult-status amber soap.

    11. Customers love the gentle scent of Femfresh's pH-balanced wash.

    12. Treat your feet to these skin-softening masks!

    13. This compact first aid kit is an absolute steal at under £2.

    14. You'll be able to charge up everything from your electric toothbrush to your razor with this two-pin plug adapter.

    15. Speaking of electronics, you'll be glad you bought this cheap pack of AG3 batteries!

    16. Indulge your inner artist with this pack of two Sharpie markers.

    17. If your WFH setup doesn't have a two-hole punch yet, consider the low price point of this highly-rated one to be a sign.

    18. Mattify and perfect your foundation with Collection's translucent powder.

    19. These dog poo bags are fully biodegradable.

    20. Ecover's gentle-but-effective washing-up liquid smells of pomegranate and fig (ugh, the dream). It's suitable for use on sensitive skin!

    21. You'll always have a tissue to hand when you need one thanks to this super-soft bamboo-based multipack.

    22. Stay hydrated for less with this reusable twist and sip water bottle!

    23. Speaking of hydration, this cocoa butter-infused lip balm from Vaseline will lock moisture into your lips.

    24. Define AND groom your brows with this double-ended pencil from Rimmel.

    25. This plastic funnel is perfect for home cooks!

    26. Nail (sorry) your home manicure with this pair of curved files.

    27. These Colgate toothbrushes each have soft rubber tongue cleaners on their backs!

    28. Simple's hydrating foam wash won't dry your skin out while cleansing it.

    29. Well, it looks like I'm buying this massive bag of Maltesers today.

    30. Banish burnt-on food and water stains from your hob with this specially-designed cleaner from Astonish.

    31. These buffalo-flavour dog treats come in a zip-seal pack for added freshness.

    32. Achieve the perfect smoky cat eye with Collection's kohl eyeliner.

    33. These slim panty liners are made from biodegradable bamboo!

    34. You can never have too many hair grips IMO, so it's a good thing this pack of 24 is such a bargain.

    35. And the same goes for these extra-soft cotton buds!

    36. Get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin buildup with these nifty razors.

    37. This pepper and ginseng-scented muscle soak from Radox sounds pretty elite right now, TBH.

    38. Treat your tastebuds to this pack of multi-flavour jellybeans.

    39. There's something so grossly satisfying about this peel-off face mask.

    40. Reviewers say that this aluminium-free roll-on deodorant actually does keep them fresh all day.

    41. Dr. Beckmann's 'Glowhite' stain remover sachets will keep your white clothes looking as good as new.

    42. Organise your ring binder with these plain dividers!

    43. Simple's exfoliating cleansing wipes are suitable for use on sensitive skin.

    44. Pop one of these Bloo blocks into your toilet's cistern for weeks of cleansing and foaming magic when you flush.

    45. I've used Dove Farm's quick yeast myself when baking bread and love how stable and effective it is.

    46. This genius stypic pencil prevents bleeding from minor cuts and scratches, so it's perfect for shaving!

    47. Palmer's coconut-scented hand cream is seriously nourishing.

    48. This bargain paint palette is perfect for budding artists.

    49. L'Oréal's thickening conditioner is perfect if (like me) your hair tends to fall on the finer side.

    50. Yes, I will be bulk-buying this stunning card for all my friends' birthdays, thanks.

    51. These adhesive felt strips from Sellotape are so sticky, they're suitable for outdoor *and* indoor use.

    52. Once you've cleaned your pots or oven racks with these soap-infused Spontex scourers, I'm willing to bet you'll never go back.

    53. Okay, but how gorgeous are these rainbow-hued weatherproof bin stickers?

    54. Organise your loose papers with this pack of five popper folders.

    55. Upgrade your dinner with this *gourmet* celery salt!

    56. This ridiculously highly-rated degreaser will cut through your kitchen's sticky surfaces in no time.

    57. Cover up any dark under-eye circles or zits with this concealer stick from Collection.

    58. I'm so glad I started using these silicone can covers. They've saved me from having to throw out so many half-eaten tins of beans!

    59. These (bloody massive) 100-litre refuse bags are perfect for garden waste. They're biodegradable too!

    60. This descaler ball will prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    61. Store your ID cards in this nifty double-sided holder.

    62. These gorgeous birthday candles get an 11/10 from me!

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