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    John Lewis' ANYDAY Brand Is Shockingly Affordable – Here Are Our Fave Homeware Finds

    Including some bargain champagne flutes and an absolute steal of a floor lamp!

    1. These cotton towels look (and feel) much more expensive than they actually are.

    2. I'm struggling to believe that this IG-worthy terazzo-pattern lamp costs less than £20, but here we are.

    3. This stunning set of four wine glasses is an absolute bargain, IMO.

    4. If you've ever shopped around for full-length mirrors, you'll understand how much of a steal this gorgeous one is.

    5. And if you'd prefer a free-standing option, check out this chic option.

    6. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this Pixar-worthy desk lamp today. It comes in eight colours!

    7. Finally get started on that gallery wall with the help of this handy photo frame set.

    8. You'll feel like you're living in an organisation TikTok when you nab these airtight food storage containers.

    9. If you love cooking, chances are you've had your eye on something like this cast iron pot for a while now. Choose between three sizes!

    10. Um, a 12-piece dinnerware set for twenty quid? Yes, please.

    11. There's something so chic about this mustard-hued side table.

    12. The only thing more jaw-dropping than this stunning floor lamp is its price tag!

    13. Oh, and this gorgeous pair of touch-activated table lamps is a pretty great buy, too.

    14. Add some storage AND some style to your hallway with this corkboard/basket/coat hook combi.

    15. You'd be forgiven for thinking this trendy-but-timeless cabinet costs twice its actual price.

    16. Transform your space in the most low-effort way possible with this 100% cotton chindi rug. It comes in three sizes!

    17. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this blush pink velvet sofa today.

    18. This panelled mirror will make you feel like you've added another window to your room.

    19. Your guests will never need to know that you bought this set of four champagne flutes for £15.

    20. This cosy mustard and grey throw honestly has no right to look as good as it does. I love the blanket stitch detail around its edges!

    21. It'll go perfectly with this zebra cushion.

    22. And last but not least, this chic aluminium-frame hanging mirror gets a 10/10 from me!