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    ASOS Are Offering Up To 70% Off New Stock Right Now, And I'm Not Sure You Need Any More Convincing Than That TBH

    There are some seriously good finds in here!

    In case you don't know already, ASOS are having an up-to-70% off sale on new stock right now. We went through the discounts to find our fave picks!

    1. Save 35% on this gorgeous broderie midi dress!

    2. The only thing better than this gorgeous T-shirt dress is the fact that it's a quarter off right now!

    3. This gorgeous biker jacket comes with an even better-looking discount of 35%.

    4. If you've had your eye on some classic Fila Disruptor shoes for a while now, consider this 30% discount a sign!

    5. This 35%-off jumpsuit is sure to stun.

    6. This wrap-tie jumpsuit is down a stunning 15%!

    7. I'm dotty for this mini dress (and I'm a pretty huge fan of its 35% discount, too!).

    8. Snap up these wide-fit trainers for a whopping 70% off their original price.

    9. These stretchy denim trousers will give you the look of jeans and the feel of leggings. They're 25% off right now!

    10. How stunning is this 30%-off Adidas backpack?!

    11. I'm just a little bit in love with these rainbow-pattern Converse hi-tops (and I definitely don't hate their 25% discount, either).

    12. These Spanx Power Shorts have a genuinely high waist, a seamless finish, and a 35% discount. What's not to love?

    13. There's something so ~chic~ about these 35%-off chino shorts.

    14. This knitted midi dress is the perfect transitional piece between summer and autumn. It's a quarter off!

    15. This cropped Nike Air jacket is stunning, breathable, AND 35% off.

    16. These quarter-off Nike Court Vintage trainers are covered in gorgeous pale pink suede.

    17. You can nab these ~sophisticated~ tie waist trousers for 70% off!

    18. This shirred pink top is a steal at 25% off.

    19. This elegant AF satin midi dress is 25% off at the moment.

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