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    There's Up To 46% Off Selected Dr Martens Shoes At ASOS Right Now, And I Think You Deserve To Know About It

    BRB, about to get a whole new shoe collection.

    In case you didn't know already, selected Dr Martens products are up to 46% off at ASOS right now. We went through the discounts to find our fave products!

    1. You can save 20% on these colourful Dr Martens x CBGB 1460 boots right now.

    2. These Kelvin brogues will make any outfit you wear them with look way more ~slick~. They're 20% off at the moment!

    3. These 1460 harness boots are currently down by an impressive 32%.

    4. You can snap up these Geraldo ankle strap sandals for 40% off!

    5. These 20%-off 8092 sandals feel as good as they look.

    6. You'll be able to make low-effort outfits look way more put-together thanks to these 20%-off Dante trainers.

    7. These velvet Jadon boots are simply stunning (and their 40% discount doesn't look too shabby, either).

    8. The only thing better than these Myles ii sandals is the fact that they're 39% off right now.

    9. You'll be glad you spotted (sorry) these 46%-off leopard-print loafers!

    10. These sleek Archie three-eye shoes are currently a fifth off their usual price.

    11. These Adrian tasseled loafers honestly have no right to look as sophisticated as they do. Nab them now for 28% off!

    12. These metallic Holly shoes come with an equally dazzling 20% discount!

    You can view ASOS' entire range of Dr Martens shoes by clicking here.