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    You Can Find Products Perfectly Tailored To Your Pet With Amazon's New Pet Profile Feature – Here's What You Need To Know

    It's the perfect way to streamline the site to fit your pet's exact needs.

    You probably already know that you can find a range of pet products on Amazon, from this pet hair remover...

    ...to this non-spill water bowl.

    But you might not have heard about their new pet profile feature, which allows you to select specialised products for your pet's exact age and breed!

    It's actually really easy to use, too. Firstly, select which animal you're shopping for (options range from fish to dogs!).

    Then, you'll be asked to enter your pet's name. I selected a dog and named it Princess (because my co-worker actually has a dog called Princess – more on her later).

    Then you'll select the breed. There are options for pure-bred and mixed-breed animals. Princess is a labrador, so we went with that option!

    Here's where we really get into the nitty gritty! You'll be asked to fill out a form about your pet's age and gender, and you can add their weight and their preferences for everything from food to toys here too. Oh, and you can put in a photo of your furry friend for their profile at this point as well (aww).

    Once you're done, you'll get a page full of specialised recommendations for your furry friend. These include everything from chew sticks and food...

    ...to vouchers and discounts chosen just for you.

    Your pet's profile will stay on your main account, so you only have to enter these details once! Just go to Account & Lists > Your Pets every time you want to shop for your lil' pal.

    Of course, you can add multiple pets to your account too, so you'll be able to order for your goldfish just as easily as you do for your cat.

    So, to recap: you can get specialised product recommendations and discounts tailored exactly to your pet, you only have to fill these details out once, you get to add as many pets as you like, AND can upload adorable profile pics of them!

    If all that sounds good to you, just click here to create your own pet profile today.

    Your pets after you create them their own profile:

    Even if this is what they look like on the outside (Princess is excited, honestly).