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  • 20 Reasons Reuben The Rescued French Bulldog Should Be Your New Instagram Crush

    Meet Reuben. He is a 6 year old French Bulldog from Malaga in the south of Spain. This summer he was adopted from a rescue shelter and found his forever home with his Mama and Papa who are potty about him. Reuben is quite a character. He understandably only speaks Spanish, but his new humans speak English as their first language. He has become their in-house language teacher as they had to work out all his Spanish commands over the first few weeks of getting to know him. He loves eating. Anything. Whether it is food or not. And he is fiercely loyal. He is happy anywhere as long as he is with his humans and together they have great adventures. Here are the top 20 reasons to love him, as I do, according to his Instagram account @MonsieurReuben. I’ve written this account to promote animal adoption - especially at this time of year!

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