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    11 Makeup Artists Who Will Send You On A Trip To Rainbow Heaven

    They've got that magical rainbow glamour you crave.

    1. This psychedelic dream by Rocio Cervantes:

    2. This awesome abstract look by Bean, inspired by Paramore's After Laughter album art:

    3. T. Brooks's pretty-in-pink lid paradise:

    4. Just a few examples of Frederike Scheibe's show-stopping creations:

    5. Elena Kanagy-Loux as a teary-eyed, rococo maiden:

    6. This incredible rainbow cloudscape by Sandy Hirales:

    7. The oh-so-satisfying eye art of Brittny:

    8. This mind-blowing electric yellow look by Stella Moschella:

    9. Jenapher Moore's beach-at-sunset transformation:

    10. Nika Leverett's futuristic fantasy face:

    11. And last but certainly not least: June looking lovely wearing this sweet lil' rainbow!