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    If Josephine From "The Bachelor" Didn't Steal Your Heart, You're Probably Heartless

    Hey, can I steal you away for a sec? It's important.

    If you watched this season of The Bachelor, you'll remember Josephine, a Registered Nurse from Santa Cruz, CA.

    There she is. Right there. See her?

    On the first episode, she showed up with a (possibly uncooked) HOT DOG INSIDE A BOOK.

    AND THEN SHE MADE NICK EAT IT. Hey, this is a super weird move, but I can guarantee Nick didn't forget the hot dog lady.

    But Josephine would soon prove that she was a damn force to be reckoned with. When the women were challenged to perform skits with Nick at the Museum of Broken Relationships, she took no prisoners.

    Not only did she (probably) get instant acceptance into Julliard for her breakup scene with Nick, she topped it all off by SLAPPING HIM SQUARE IN THE FACE.

    But she wasn't done there. She also casually wrote a Broadway-style love ballad and sang it to Nick. And did I mention her voice is incredible??

    Sadly, probably because The Bachelor's producers didn't expect someone so multitalented and amazing, Josephine was kicked off at the beginning of week 6.

    But, turns out there is still some good in the world, because Josephine came back for "The Women Tell All" special. And she looked INCREDIBLE.

    More importantly, she did NOT. TAKE. ANYONE'S BULLSHIT. ALL. NIGHT.

    The majority of the drama stemmed from the conflict between Corinne and Taylor. A lot of former contestants also ganged up on Corinne for her behavior in the house.

    But Josephine wasn't having it.

    She clearly didn't agree with the majority opinion in the group that Corinne shouldn't have taken a nap during the rose ceremony or taken her top off during the photo shoot.

    Best of all, Josephine straight-up shut Taylor's hypocrisy down. SHE SHUT IT RIGHT DOWN!!!

    And when Taylor's recap came on, Josephine was not having any part of it.

    She was basically facepalming along with us at home.

    Josephine's best reaction of the night was when Elizabeth (who????) called Corinne a "slob kebab." For once, there was pretty unanimous confusion in the group.

    After the show, she even posted this on Instagram, like the peace-keeper she is.

    Josephine, wherever you are, whatever you're doing now, you are a treasure.

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