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    25 Houseplants That Will Inspire Your Trip To Home Depot's Gardening Section

    You're probably going to want to run to the garden store right after this.

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    1. This combination of mini-jungle and workspace that even a pet can enjoy.

    Pictured: variegated rubber plants (Ficus elastica), nerve plants, (Fittonia), Pilea peperomiodes, watermelon peperomia (Peperomia argyreia), false shamrock (Oxalis triangularis), snake plant (Sansevieria) and jewel orchid (Ludisia discolor). From studioplants.

    2. This layered hanging display in old-school macrame.

    Pictured: common ivy (Hedera helix), Philodendron hederaceum, and Chlorophytum comosum (respectively). From creeryan.

    3. This delightful grouping of air plants.

    Scientific names (clockwise, from top): Tillandasia tectorum, Xerographica, and Caput medusae. From pistilsnursery.

    4. This tableau of climbing ivy, lipstick plant, and angel wing begonia.

    Scientific names: Hedera helix 'Anita', Aeschynanthus, and Begonia 'Angel Wing' (respectively). From plantingpink.

    5. This Monstera that will give any room extra character.

    Scientific name: Monstera obliqua. From plantbypackwood.

    6. These gorgeous mounted staghorn ferns bringing home decor to a new level.

    Scientific name: Platycerium.

    7. This petite string of pearls plant and spider plant adorned with glassware.

    Scientific names: Senecio rowleyanus and Chlorophytum comosum (respectively). From littleandlush.

    8. This friendly fiddle-leaf fig.

    Scientific name: Ficus lyrata. From eclectic.leigh.

    9. This fashionable display with pops of bright color.

    Pictured: Peperomia obtusifolia, Pilea peperomioides, tillandasia, echinocactus grusonii, and Gymnocalycium mihanovichii. From nininoes.

    10. These warm-weather plants nestled inside a greenhouse.

    (You can buy the greenhouse here.) From haarkon_.

    11. This adorable fishbone cactus.

    Scientific name: Selenicereus anthonyanus. From _t__h__o__m__a__s_.

    12. This spiderweb begonia on old-fashioned enamelware.

    Scientific name: Begonia paulensis. From habitpattern.sf.

    13. This Monstera deliciosa and Ficus bringing an earthy vibe to a bedroom.

    14. This colorful prayer plant.

    Scientific name: Maranta. From alphabeticalife.

    15. This areca palm taking in afternoon rays.

    Scientific name: Dypsis lutescens. From forage.sundry.

    16. This satin pothos draped over a credenza.

    Scientific name: Scindapsus pictus 'Exotica'.

    17. This rubber plant accentuating natural furniture.

    Scientific name: Ficus elastica. From dutchlivings.

    18. This prickly pear cactus grouped with pieces of cactus decor.

    Scientific name: Opuntia (Get that bright, un-killable cactus neon light here, $26). From tropicaloco.

    19. This clique of splattered Monsteras.

    Scientific names: Monstera deliciosa, variegated Monstera, variegated Borsigiana and Monstera standleyana.

    20. This burro's tail reaching toward a Moses-in-a-cradle.

    Scientific names: Sedum morganianum, and Tradescantia spathacea (respectively).

    21. This chain-of-hearts spilling down its tall stand.

    Scientific name: Ceropegia woodii.

    22. This eccentric Philodendron xanadu.

    23. This pothos perfectly nestled in its basket.

    Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum. From cleverbloom.

    24. This lush spider plant sprouting a family of plantlets.

    Scientific name: Chlorophytum comosum.

    25. This well-tended corner window collection perfect for reading a book.

    A few plants of the many to obsess over: the pygmy palm (Phoenix roebelenii) on the mantle, the small elephant ear beneath it (Colocasia), the tall candelabra cactus (Myrtillocactus cochal) in the corner, and the floor-sized fiddle-leaf fig. From arianatanabe.