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Top 5 Nutrition Tips For Athletes

In order to improve performance and recovery after big physical and emotional efforts, a healthy diet is essential.

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1. Have 2 to 3 liters of fluids

The body losses a lot of water during exercise. Water is an essential nutrient and is important to replace it. You should never wait until you are thirsty because that means your body is already dehydrated. This can affect performance, through the symptoms of weakness and exhaustion. So in order to get an optimal performance, drink minimum 2 liters of water a day (preferably water over other drinks that can be loaded with sugar).

2. Do not skip breakfast

It is not good to workout without nothing in the stomach, you don´t want to feel hungry while you are exercising. Breakfast is essential, it gives the energy that the body needs to start the day and to exercise properly. It help to eat less throughout the day because you won´t need to compensate what you didn´t eat at breakfast

3. Energy balance

Depends on how much someone trains, the calorie intake is going to be different. The energy consumed must be the same as the energy expended. If the energy expended is more than the energy consumed, lean muscle and weigh will be lost. As a result, you might feel week. On the other hand, the energy consumed is more than the energy expended, the extra calories are going to be stored as fat. So in order to maintain weigh, the athlete must know how much calories they should eat in order to cover their demands

4. Eat protein but not too much

The protein requirement for an athlete is obviously bigger than a sedentary person in order to maintain and repair their muscles. People think that if they eat a lot of protein, they are going to gain automatically muscle. This is not necessarily true, an excess of protein overtime can cause cardiovascular disease. Using protein supplements is too easy to reach and excess that protein requirement. Instead of protein supplements, obtain your protein needs through your diet or combining both.

5. A diet is about guidelines not rules

The perfect diet does not exist. Not diet is better than another one. As everybody is different, the diet should be personalized depending on the goals of each athlete. As long as the calorie intake is reached every day, it does not matter if you are consuming a high fat diet or high carbohydrate diet, the percentage of each macronutrient does not really matter. Even though the distribution of macronutrients is not that important, you should try eating real food.

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