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10 African Vegan Recipes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Vegan Food

Who said you need meat or dairy to experience the big bold flavors the continent of African has to offer? Here are 10 Vegan recipes from the continent of Africa that will elevate your vegan cooking game if you are bored of Buddha bowls, Salad and Avocado Toast.

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1. West Africa's Favorite Street Food: Akara

Yummy Medley / Via

Akara is a delicious black eyed pea fritter that originates from West Africa, and is also eaten in Brazil. Ask any Nigerian, Ghanaian, or Senegalese how this dish tastes and they will probably write you a love song.

5. The Perfect Marriage Savory Black Eyed Peas and Sweet Plantains

Bintu Hardy / Via

This is a perfect marriage of savory and scotch bonnet spiced beans with the sweetness from ripe plantains.... Yass flavor come through!

10. Wash All your delicious new dishes down with the perfect drink: Ginger Beer

Taste of Yummy / Via

Africans know the secret to great refreshment (and digestion) is usually a glass of sweet and spicy ginger beer, no alcohol needed. Cheers

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