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15 Gifts That Would Be PERFECT For Father's Day

So... It's the middle of June and you're having an amazing time celebrating summer break. You're with your friends at the beach, and suddenly you hear "Wow I have no idea what I'm getting my Dad for Fathers day this Sunday!" OMG NOW YOU REALIZE YOU COMPLETELY FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT AND YOU'RE FREAKING OUT TOO! Freak out no further, whether your old man is a stone cold emotionless monster or a caring lovable goofball, this list will have a gift for you

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1. Money Clips

Duck Bill Planet / Via

Is your dad the type of guy that has so much cash he can't even contain it in his wallet? Is his wallet too fat to fit in his pants? Money clips would be the perfect solution. Impersonal and all about money, just like your dad!

2. A Silver Platter for his Butler

Cristovao Portfolio via Shutterstock / Via

I mean, how else is his butler going to bring him his food? Your dad can't stand those cheap glass plates anymore, and don't even get him started on fine china. It's not even for your dad in the long run, so you two don't have to worry about all that lovey-dovey stuff!

3. A Whiskey Set

Bormiolo Rocco / Via$filterlrg$&wid=1200&hei=1467

Ok yeah fine, your dad might have a drinking problem, but he deserves it after a long night of working! This set will help relax with a glass of whiskey, and another, and another...

4. A Coffee Mug

Giphy / Via

Remember how your strict dad threw his last coffee mug at the wall in a fit of rage? Maybe its time to get him another! But make sure it doesn't say "World's Greatest Dad" or something, because that's too emotional. Get him a plain white one. Or maybe plain black to match the color of his heart.

5. Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom / Via

Although gift cards are the epitome of last resort, you're going to have to show up to your dad's house with SOMETHING, right? This can be your way of throwing meaningless money at him, like how he did to you your whole childhood!

6. Shaving Kit

Hall of the Black Dragon / Via

Remember when your dad taught you how to shave? You can never pay back that favor, but what you can do is get him a nice shaving kit so he's not stuck with those disposable razors anymore.

7. Fishing Rod

America's Funniest Home Videos / Via

Maybe those fishing trips your dad used to drag you on weren't the way you wanted to spend your Saturdays, but you went along because you liked that he was at least trying to bond with you. Show your appreciation with a fishing rod this Father's Day.

8. Sports Jersey

Fanatics / Via

Is your dad a sports junkie? Do you two have fond memories of sitting on the couch together watching the Super Bowl each year? His favorite player's jersey would not only make him happy, but it will also remind him of the good times he shared with you watching games on TV.

9. BBQ Set

Victoria Advocate / Via

A new barbecue set would be perfect for your dad if he's the grilling pro at every family bbq. At the next 4th of July backyard party, you and your dad can bust out these fancy new tools and grill the best cheeseburgers in the world together!

10. "World's Okayest Dad" T-Shirt

TeeFantic Tees / Via

Hey he might not have been the greatest dad in the world but he was still there for you when you needed him. Show your appreciation while making him laugh with this clever t-shirt.

11. Two Tickets to the Game

Giphy / Via

What better way to bond with your dad on Father's Day than to take him out to watch his favorite basketball team? Think of all the times your dad took you out to watch your team play as a kid. This gift would be the best way to return the favor!

12. "What I Love About Dad" Book

Be Golden / Via

Sure it might be a little emotional, but some dads just want to know they're loved and appreciated. Show him how much of a great Father he's been with this awesome little gift.

14. An Electric Guitar

Rolling Stone / Via

We have all heard of the story where a man dreamed of becoming the next Jimi Hendrix but had to give up his dream and find something more financially stable to start a family. DON'T LET YOUR DAD BE THAT MAN! Buy him this guitar to show that you care for his dreams the same way he cares for yours. If you really like him, you can grab one too and start a band!

15. A Rap Song

Giphy / Via

That's right, a rap song. Write lyrics about how cool your dad is, make it rhyme a little, pick a cool beat on youtube, and voilà! You have your own rap song! You don't have to be Drake or Kanye West to make your dad smile.

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