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16 Signs You're Actually An Adult Now

When did you become the responsible one? Keep on adulting with Aflac's One Day Pay℠. When it comes to paying claims, no one flies faster. Aflac will process, approve, and pay in just a day.*

1. It's rare for you to have a weekend without a wedding or bachelor(ette) party.

2. You weirdly feel like all the hangers in your closet should match.

3. 95% of the pictures on your phone are of babies or pets.

4. A new kitchen appliance is more appealing than a new pair of shoes.

5. And you might even own a matching set of silverware.

6. You buy groceries before you completely run out of things to eat.

7. You're finally getting the hang of this whole cooking thing.

8. The thought of being a homeowner? Not so scary anymore.

9. When you think of your five-year plan, you don't imagine complete chaos.

10. And you actually know what a 401(k) is.

11. Getting in bed before 10 p.m. is the best thing EVER!

12. And "sleeping in" means 9:30 a.m., because you've got errands to run.

13. Alone time isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

14. You fantasize about decorating your place and commonly binge-watch DIY television shows.

15. You know what you want in a significant other.

16. But also know that loving yourself first is just as important.

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Being an adult means keeping your promises.

Aflac's promise to you is to process and pay, not deny and delay. Introducing Aflac's One Day Pay℠ — when it comes to paying claims fast, we really fly.

This post is sponsored by Aflac.

*One Day Pay℠ available for most properly documented, individual claims submitted online through Aflac SmartClaim® by 3 PM ET. Aflac SmartClaim® not available on the following: Disability, Life, Vision, Dental, Medicare Supplement, Long Term Care/Home Health Care, Aflac Plus Rider, Specified Disease Rider and Group policies. Individual Company Statistic, 2015.