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This Magician's Pranks Will Make You Say WTF

Some magicians use magic for evil. Some use magic for good. And some use magic to prank the hell out of strangers. Tune in to Don't Trust Andrew Mayne, Mondays at 11/10 C, only on A&E.

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He is a wizard.


Sometimes he likes to use his powers for mischief:

Like, say, reaching through solid glass to steal someone's smartphone.

Or "securing" someone's bike by passing it through a solid metal bar.

Or just freaking them out.

But sometimes, he uses his powers purely for good, like when he used his crazy sorcery to save a marriage:

This is Audi.

This is his wife, Tina.

Audi promised his wife he would give up his dangerous motorcycle obsession. He even signed a contract.

He has not honored that contract.

His wife is not happy.

So Andrew decided to make his bike disappear by wrapping it in a tarp...

...filling the tarp with helium...

...and letting it float away.

(Well, almost.)


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