10 Super Awkward Mother-Son Moments On “Bates Motel”

Stuff tends to get pretty weird on Bates Motel. Catch up on all the anxiety-inducing moments before the Season 2 premiere of Bates Motel on Monday, March 3 at 10/9c only on A&E.

10. Norma naming her son after herself: Norma and Norman 4EVAH!

A&E/Bates Motel / Via we-belongtoeachother.tumblr.com

9. The uncomfortable touching.


8. Norma’s response when her sons tried to visit her in jail.

A&E/Bates Motel

7. All the weird slow dancing.

A&E/Bates Motel / Via lancasterw.tumblr.com

And then they almost kiss… *SHUDDER*

6. Awkward actual kissing…


5. Norma’s dastardly and calculated manipulation of her son.

A&E/Bates Motel

4. Norma deliberately changing in front of her son.

A&E/Bates Motel/ gifstelevision.tumblr.com

A&E/Bates Motel/ gifstelevision.tumblr.com


“Not weird?” SAYS WHO, NORMA? SAYS WHO?!

3. Norman watching his mom change (from afar).

A&E/Bates Motel

No words.

2. Norman insisting on only calling his mom “mother.”

A&E/Bates Motel / Via gifstelevision.tumblr.com

It’s freaking creepy dude.

1. And Norma walking in on this:

A&E/Bates Motel

(Even though it only turned out to be a dream… a very “special” dream.)

A&E/Bates Motel


Ahh, but at least they love each other.

A&E/Bates Motel/wilfulwilf.tumblr.com

A&E/Bates Motel/wilfulwilf.tumblr.com


Despite their freakiness and all.

Catch up on all the anxiety-inducing moments from the first season on Netflix before the Season 2 premiere on Monday, March 3 at 10/9c on A&E!

A&E/Bates Motel / Via fybatesmotel.tumblr.com

You can also catchup on Season 1 on Hulu, Xfinity, and AETV.com

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