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10 Most Awkward Mother-Son Moments Of All Time

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1. When Alicia Silverstone gave her son the bird treatment.

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Apparently Cher Horowitz has other interests besides fashion and popularity. She also enjoys feeding her baby boy pre-masticated food, chewed up especially for him by his caring momma bird.

2. Stephanie Seymour's photo shoot with her two sons.

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American model Stephanie Seymour and her two loving male model sons were caught in some pretty interesting poses during their 2014 Harper's Bazaar photo shoot.

3. Breastfeeding your kids even when they're wayyy too old.

shiri lahav zumba / cc / Via

This cover of TIME Magazine explores the controversial topic of Attachment Parenting, which includes baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and extended breastfeeding.

4. When this mother insisted on an open-door bathroom policy between her and her son.

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Concerned stepdad reports that his wife's relationship with her son may get a little out of hand at times. Especially when they use the bathroom in pairs and change clothes with their respective bedroom doors open, in plain view of one another. But wait, it gets worse.

5. A would-be very sweet gesture.


Mom who could never go to her own prom when she was in high school finally got the chance to live her dreams by attending her son's prom as his date.

6. But it's nothing compared to this son who loved his mom so much, he married her.

Roy Hsu / Getty Images

When this 40-year-old Zimbabwean woman's husband died, she turned to her 23-year-old son to fulfill the void he left in her life... in more ways than one. The now six-month-pregnant mother believes that no other woman is entitled to her son's money, so the two are fleeing their country so they can be wed without issue.

7. When this mom arranged for her son to kill her husband so they could live happily ever after.


In 2013, Las Vegas resident Amy Pearson was accused of being the mastermind behind the attempted murder on her husband. She arranged for her 21-year-old son, who was cited by his father as being the cause of their divorce, to actually commit the murder with hopes of collecting her husband's $250,000 insurance policy. The son was arrested before their plans were seen to fruition.

8. When this mom borrowed a page from the Norman Bates playbook.


When Joni Bakaradze succumbed to an untimely death at age 22, his mother refused to bury him. She then tended to his mummified body for the next 18 years so her son's child could learn to love his father. Ah, true love.

9. When this mom made her son participate in grand larceny.


73-year-old Lois and her 37-year-old son Everett were caught breaking into a vehicle and then arrested. The two are suspected of many car, home, and storage facility burglaries amounting over $25,000.

10. When this mom became the central interest of her 16-year-old son's lustful fantasies.


Confused dad was more than taken aback when he discovered loads upon loads of pornographic image searches and incestuous MILF erotica on his stepson's mobile gaming device. The stepdad also reported finding searches relating to "tanned bodies" after purchasing a tanning bed for his busty wife…

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