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How Modern Dads Are Rewriting The Man Code

Want to know how modern fathers are rewriting the man-code? Check out Modern Dads on A&E, August 21st at 10:30pm. The author of this post is Zach Rosenberg, who is a Co-Founder of 8BitDad.

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So if you see a dad having a tea party with his kids while his wife is rehinging the cabinet doors, don’t make fun of him - he’s connecting with his kids and letting someone more capable do the dirty work.

Yet other dads are inviting a good challenge. While people typically think of planning a birthday party as the wife’s job, plenty of dads are happy to get into the mix and help plan and craft decorations for their kids’ parties.

That’s why now, birthdays have gone from sports and princesses to Batman, Star Wars, Mario Kart and Minecraft. The nerd culture of the modern dad has helped make it okay for men to want to help celebrate a cool theme with their kids.


And it’s made dads more involved at parties too - especially if they get to dress up like Mario and tailgate the guests.

Dads get the brunt of the “men can’t cook” criticism. With many television chefs being fathers themselves, men are showing the world that they’re not serving the kids pancakes at dinner because they can’t cook, but because it’s what the kids like to cook.

The great thing about modern dads is that they are rewriting the man-code. Men aren't expected to be walking wallets and tool belts anymore.

Check out how other fathers are rewriting the man-code on Modern Dads, August 21st at 10:30pm.

Zach Rosenberg was compensated for this post.