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The REAL Sexiest Men Alive List 2017

The official list, made of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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3. Chris Hemsworth

GQ / Via

Look, a Chris has to be on this list, and right now, Hemsworth is the best damn one. Yes, his biceps are bigger than my head and he seems to enjoy eating grass, but have you seen Thor: Ragnorok? ? ?

4. Taika Waititi

Matt Sayles / AP / Via

Speaking of Thor, meet its hot-af director, Taika Waititi. Not only has he directed the funniest movie this year, but he's also a grade-A weirdo. Honestly, that just makes him hotter.

5. Jason Momoa

GQ / Via

My sun and stars, Jason Momoa is the literal definition of a "man". Some might even call him "Aquaman" 😏

I'm sorry, that was bad, just forget it and just look at this picture some more.

7. Alexander Skarsgard

Dylan Coulter / Men's Health UK / Via

Yes, he was terrifying in Big Little Lies, but admit it, even when he was at his most psychotic, you hated yourself for still finding him hot. And because of that, he is on this list.

14. A Ryan. Any Ryan. Just Close Your Eyes and Point to One.

TIME / Via

We all have our personal preference (Reynolds), but we can all agree that both of these men (but mostly Reynolds) deserve to be on the list (but Ryan Reynolds deserves it more).

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