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14 Things That Should Be Left To The Experts

You should probably stop doing stuff. The home can be a messy and complicated place. Luckily, Aereo is here to help solve your TV hardware problems. When your TV antenna and DVR are in the cloud, there’s nothing to install, fix, build, repair, or lose! Try it out for a month. Free.

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1. Cleaning the gutters...

2. ...or basically anything else that involves ladders.

3. Measuring the width of your door without totally losing your mind.

4. Disassembling your aboveground pool / being a responsible adult.


Maybe just don't buy an aboveground pool?

5. Doing laundry without, like, burning your hands or something. / Via

Washing clothes is hard.

6. Replacing a lightbulb with a friend.


How many cheerleaders does it take...?

7. Making a home movie.


Cool as the other side of the hospital pillow.

8. Redecorating the living room.


And doing magic tricks. Either one is a no-no.

9. Yard work. / Via

Stop attempting to drown your leaf blower.

10. Building your own playground for that kid you've grown quite fond of.

11. Repairing your bathroom with industrial-grade glue.

12. Building a homemade garden with Grade A manure.

13. Making breakfast without being sent to an institution.

14. Pretty much anything that doesn't involve you watching TV.

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